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  • 23-May-2019 | Nilesh Shah

    Market direction to depend on steps taken to accelerate growth: Nilesh Shah

    Changing the orbit of Indian GDP growth from current 7 per cent to a higher level is what markets are expecting from the new government

  • 15-May-2018 | Nilesh Shah

    Caught between macro & economy, market wants comfort of political stability

    There is no sure way to predict election results a year ahead of actual election. It will be far better to play contra for political risk in 2019

  • 05-Mar-2018 | Nilesh Shah

    Indian interest rates: Yields will depend on how banks resume Gilt buying

    In the medium, to long term it will be influenced by how the mandate of MPC is modified to manage influenceable inflation rather than broad headline inflation.

  • 01-Feb-2018 | Nilesh Shah

    Budget 2018's focus on pump-priming the economy should calm investor nerves

    The immediate adverse impact of LTCG tax would be contained due to the grandfathering clause

  • 21-May-2017 | Nilesh Shah

    Economic future lies in financial markets

    Over-dependence on foreign capital can create volatility

  • 01-Feb-2017 | Nilesh Shah

    Housing industry gets a budget balm: Nilesh Shah

    Expert take on Budget 2017

  • 14-Feb-2016 | Nilesh Shah

    Equity outlook: Faith of investors in India growth story will shape market movement

    Stabilisation of China is critical for the recovery of emerging market flows

  • 21-May-2014 | Nilesh Shah

    Market India correctly to global investors

    Gold, real estate and insurance selling is far more attractive than selling equity IPOs, mutual funds, NPS and bonds

  • 31-Dec-2013 | Nilesh Shah

    Market at a crossroads: Nilesh Shah

    Fiscal Situation for 2014-15 will be a critical factor in influencing direction of the market

  • 23-Apr-2012 | Nilesh Shah

    Play contra through stock picking

    Bear markets are born on greed or optimism and bull markets on fear or pessimism. Today, we have sceptics in the equity markets. That, by itself, is a powerful reason to restrict the downside for equities.

  • 17-Jan-2012 | Nilesh Shah

    Let's make some money

    Let’s begin the new year with a tip on how to make money. There are just two ways - be very lucky, or be disciplined. I cannot help you with luck, but discipline is what one can work on.

  • 27-Dec-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Law of averages should favour the equities in coming year

    Market is a place where ‘people with money’ meet ‘people with experience’ and often lose money and gain experience. The year 2011 has been a difficult one to make money. But it has taught a few good lessons.

  • 08-Nov-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Look at real rate of returns

    Interest rates in the US, Europe, Japan and the UK are hovering near the zero level. They have remained more or less there since the 2008 US crisis. And, they are expected to remain at that level for a long time.

  • 18-Oct-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Equity scores over real estate

    Besides issues like transaction and maintenance cost, real estate suffers from lack of returns, unless booked.

  • 16-Sep-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    All that glitters is not so golden

    Gold is grabbing headlines almost every day. We Indians have been accumulating gold for generations by way of jewellery and hold the largest quantity in the world. Official estimates put Indian gold holding at more than 18,000 tonnes, worth a ...

  • 19-Aug-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    The healthy way to financial fitness

    We all have wisened up, it seems, as regards financial planning. Even so, we fail. Although wisdom is manifest in the way we tend our health, yet its applicability is found wanting in finances. Let me illustrate by revealing to you the relation ...

  • 12-Jul-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Discipline is key to investing

    Last fortnight, the mantra to investing was “starting early”. This time it is “investing regularly”. We go on yatras to holy places for meeting spiritual goals. Many of these are remote places located in mountains. In the ...

  • 21-Jun-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Learn the truth about compounding

    We have discussed the need for financial planning in previous articles. Now, let’s talk about a few guru mantras which will help in attaining financial independence. The first mantra is to start early. Like the story of an ant and a ...

  • 31-May-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Relevance of financial planning

    Majority of Indians do not feel a serious need for financial planning. Unlike in western countries, most of us don’t devote enough time to growing wealth. I have tried to analyse as to why we don’t mind working extremely hard to earn ...

  • 10-May-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    How to pick lagdi stocks?

    Few decades ago, legendary banker J P Morgan was asked how he lent money. His reply is worth its weight in gold for every investor. “I lent money against character, character and only character,” he answered. What is true in banking is ...

  • 26-Apr-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Don't depend on your luck

    For your wealth to grow and take care of you, use the right strategy.

  • 12-Apr-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Don't destroy wealth

    Use asset allocation and diversify portfolio to beat inflation.

  • 29-Mar-2011 | Nilesh Shah

    Investing made simple

    Imagine if we could become rich instantly without making any serious effort — things would be really simple. But it’s just a wish.

  • 05-Nov-2010 | Nilesh Shah

    Be part of India's long-term growth story

    Indian equity market is almost near its all time high (intra-day). FII’s have pumped it’s highest ever flow in excess of $25 billion this year. They have lots of money and limited opportunity. Their central bank and government is giving ...

  • 13-May-2010 | Nilesh Shah

    India can gain from the crisis

    When the economic crisis hit Asia in the late 1990s, the prescription given by the International Monetary Fund and the Western countries was to cut deficit, raise rates, devalue currency, raise taxes and open up the economy. This resulted in a lot ...