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  • 03-Dec-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    For now, Tata Steel mothballs South Wales unit

    Tata Steel is temporarily mothballing its hot-strip mill at Newport in South Wales with immediate effect, the Mumbai-headquartered company said on Friday.

  • 02-Dec-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    UBS' chief risk officer quits

    Maureen Miskovic, the chief risk officer (CRO), under whose watch UBS suffered a $2.3-billion trading loss, has been replaced by Philip J Lofts – currently the bank’s CEO for UBS Group Americas.

  • 29-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Thomas Cook gets a 200-mn pound lifeline

    The largest chunk of the company’s business comes from the UK, Ireland, India and West Asia.

  • 23-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Thomas Cook in debt crisis

    Stocks fall 70% on LSE; management plays down trouble.

  • 19-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    The Queen's new neighbours

    The Hindujas’ £100 million mansion is ready to move in. S Kalyana Ramanathan walks by the exclusive address.

  • 18-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Virgin gets 'good' Northern Rock for #747 million

    The British government's treasury department on Thursday said it had decided to sell state-owned Northern Rock bank to Richard Branson's Virgin Money for £747 million.

  • 18-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Virgin gets 'good' Northern Rock for pound 747 mn

    The British government’s treasury department on Thursday said it had decided to sell state-owned Northern Rock bank to Richard Branson’s Virgin Money for £747 million.

  • 17-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Youth unemployment crosses million mark in UK

    The unemployment figure in Britain for the three months to September rose to 2.62 million, with youth employment crossing the million mark. The total number of jobless people between 16 and 24 years of age was reported to be 1.02 million by the ...

  • 11-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    JLR to recruit 1,000 more at Solihull Land Rover plant

    Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover on Thursday announced its plan add 1,000 new recruits in the coming months to its Solihull plant where it produces around 150,000 Land Rovers a year.

  • 11-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    James Murdoch denies misleading UK Parliament

    Says he is not a ‘mafia boss’; If guilty of hacking, would not rule out closing The Sun.

  • 11-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    UK's market watchdog slaps record fine on Indian investor

    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in UK has fined Rameshkumar Goenka, a Dubai based Indian investor, $9,621,240 (approximately £6 million) for manipulating the closing price of Reliance Industries (Reliance) securities on the London Stock ...

  • 10-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Ministry plans 30-40 tourism theme parks, says Sahay

    Ayodhya to be developed into tourism site, with Rs 10-cr investment.

  • 05-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Tata Steel's loss-making South Wales arm to be shut

    Tata Steel on Friday announced it intended to cease its loss-making construction products business, an operation focused on roll-formed products and assemblies, based at the Llanwern site in Newport, South Wales.

  • 04-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    GSK will pay $3 bn to settle US drug row

    GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) on Thursday announced it had reached a $3-billion settlement agreement with the US to conclude the global consumer healthcare company’s most significant ongoing Federal government investigations.

  • 04-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Assange's lawyer wants Australia to stop extradition to Sweden

    In a bid to stop WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange from being extradited to Sweden to face trial on sexual assault charges, his lawyer in Britain has appealed to the Australian government to come to his aid.

  • 03-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Assange loses appeal against extradition

    A high court in London on Wednesday upheld an earlier verdict by a lower court to extradite Julian Assange, founder and head of the whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks, to Sweden for facing a charge of rape and another for sexual assault on two women. ...

  • 02-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    UK commits pound 650 mn to fight cyber crime

    The London Conference on Cyberspace 2011

  • 02-Nov-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    'Global rules will curb cyber crime'

    The London Conference on Cyberspace 2011

  • 29-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Occupy LSE protest continues amidst pressure to vacate

    Stock exchange denouncers told to move away from landmark cathedral; blame banker patrons, stay put.

  • 26-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    UK won't accept statements from 1,800 Indian banks

    The UK Border Agency (UKBA), which controls immigrations into the country under the Home Office, on Tuesday issued a long list of over 1800 banks in India from which it will not accept financial statements of students applying for study visa.

  • 25-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Financial woes force Wikileaks to shut down

    Whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has shut its operations temporarily due to financial problems. In a brief posted on its website, it said, “We are forced to temporarily suspend publishing whilst we secure our economic survival. For almost a ...

  • 20-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    World facing solvency, not liquidity, crisis: BoE chief

    Bank of England (BoE) Governor Mervyn King has called for a fresh look at re-balancing between ‘surplus’ and ‘deficit’ economies around the world and more so with Europe.

  • 18-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    'Occupy LSE' holds on, but peacefully

    City executives turn a blind eye to protests; protesters say camping could go on until middle of December.

  • 14-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    BP and partners plan pound 10-bn investment in North Sea

    BP, along with three partners, will invest £10 billion over the next five years to develop four new oil and gas projects in the UK.

  • 13-Oct-2011 | S Kalyana Ramanathan

    Unemployment in Britain at 17-yr high

    The unemployment rate in the UK has risen to a 17-year high of 8.1 per cent, taking the total number to 2.57 million unemployed people.