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  • 30-Jun-2012 | Shelly Walia

    Hinterland hits

    With 150 films every year, budgets running into crores and Bollywood superstars acting in it, Bhojpuri cinema has come a long way

  • 16-Jun-2012 | Shelly Walia

    A tale of obsessions

    IIn India, films are treated as Coca-Cola bottles — commodities that you consume purely for pleasure or entertainment. So, a film studio may not be ready to even spend one-twentieth of a Singham or a Rowdy Rathore’s budget on a ...

  • 09-Jun-2012 | Shelly Walia

    Dibakar Banerjee's most challenging project

    With Shanghai, Dibakar Banerjee has set off in a new direction. The same could be said about actor Emraan Hashmi.

  • 08-Jun-2012 | Shelly Walia

    Tragedy on memory lane

    “I began with the concrete situation with which the book begins: A man staring from a bedroom window, a loaded shotgun on the bed behind him. I had to discover how he’d reached this extremity, and its outcome,” said Graham Swift in ...

  • 10-Mar-2012 | Shelly Walia

    Opening credit

    At 51, Sanjeev Lamba is surprisingly au fait with music and films. “It helps to have two teenage daughters,” he says. “We share and listen to a great variety of music.” As for films, “I try to watch a movie every night ...

  • 27-Jan-2012 | Shelly Walia

    Shelly Walia: Gains in translation

    At the end of the book, Rakhshanda Jalil makes an honest admission. “A translation can never equal the original,” she writes, explaining that there is always an “inevitable distance between creative writing and its ...

  • 24-Dec-2011 | Shelly Walia

    Where are the bad guys?

    He sent a chill down your spine and kept you on the edge of your seat. That was then. Today, as the distinction between the hero and anti-hero gets blurred, the quintessential villain exists only in nostalgic conversations.

  • 10-Dec-2011 | Shelly Walia

    A viral hit

    Kolaveri Di is fast becoming a case study on how viral marketing can create a cult following for a product. Shelly Walia analyses the strategy that went into making this song an instant hit.

  • 19-Nov-2011 | Shelly Walia

    She pulls strings

    Shelly Walia meets Ghazal Javed, India’s leading woman muppeteer.

  • 13-Nov-2011 | Shelly Walia

    In Lah! La land

    A pan-Asian restaurant that claims it’s not an authentic restaurant but just serves good food.

  • 27-Jun-2010 | Shelly Walia

    Q&A: Anurag Kashyap, director

    'Producing a film is a liberating thing'

  • 13-Jun-2010 | Shelly Walia & Tanushree Ghosh

    Language no bar

    One film, many versions. This seems to  be the latest Bollywood trend.

  • 30-May-2010 | Shelly Walia

    'I eat biscuits after every meal'

    In India, it’s Nizam’s Kathi Rolls in Connaught Place, New Delhi. They have a double mutton single egg roll that will stop your heart both with emotion and cholesterol. Abroad, this restaurant called the Grand Lux Café in Chicago. ...

  • 23-May-2010 | Shelly Walia

    Opening moves

    A host of newcomers is taking its first steps in Bollywood. We talk to a fortunate few to find out if a successful debut is more than just luck by chance.

  • 09-May-2010 | Shelly Walia

    Singing a different tune

    Music bands in India are turning to innovative ways to be heard in the market.

  • 25-Apr-2010 | Shelly Walia

    Summer fiesta

    With many parts of India gasping under record temperatures, Bollywood is gearing up to offer some respite to movie buffs this summer. What’s more, filmmakers are offering a variety of movies to suit the tastes of filmgoers. So from politics to ...