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  • 27-May-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Big-screen secrets

    Conventional wisdom says don’t choose a book by its cover. But can there be a case for choosing a book by its foreword? We will come to that. Let’s deal with the book first.

  • 30-Apr-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Triple concerto

    Three books on Bollywood’s musical greats make worthwhile reading, even if the quality is uneven.

  • 20-Apr-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Sweet memories

    In a world closing in on us, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have become mundane — one of many headlines. When reporting accidents or terror strikes, the average hack is known to ask how many, so she can decide on the display. These days, ...

  • 15-Apr-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Q&A: Rajan Anandan, MD, Google India

    'I would hate to work for a company no one cares about'

  • 08-Apr-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Newsmaker: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    The man who wouldn't get carried away

  • 08-Mar-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Lunch with BS: Ajit Gulabchand

    Edifice complex

  • 10-Feb-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    A writer's googly

    First, a confession. This book review was not supposed to appear today. It was slated for next week. But perhaps the seductive charm of a drunk, dying and brilliant sports writer, combined with the mysterious lure of an elusive cricketer, who could ...

  • 20-Jan-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    Appa and his misdemeanours

    Kadhal Mannan wouldn’t ring too loud a bell for the average north Indian, for whom pre-Roja Tamil cinema could just as well be in a galaxy far-far away, much farther than Hollywood. On the other side of the Vindhyas, though, it was a huge ...

  • 01-Jan-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    No encore for the non-core

    Niira Radia’s steep rise was fuelled by her association with the Tatas. Her fall may be more precipitous, says Suveen K Sinha, as that link weakens.

  • 01-Jan-2011 | Suveen K Sinha

    First Test fiascos

    India tends to treat the first Test as a warm-up, which costs us dearly.

  • 25-Dec-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    Crazy over cricket

    The year’s cricketing story came not, from Twitter or London but Lucknow.

  • 18-Dec-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    A different battleground

    The 2011 World Cup could be an endorsement war between cricketers.

  • 11-Dec-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    Keeping the faith

    The merry-go-round of selecting players won’t help Australian cricket.

  • 08-Dec-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    For the company, by the company

    On a cold January day in 2008, all roads led to Pragati Maidan, in the heart of New Delhi. The Ninth Auto Expo was on. Now, this is a fair that anyway draws humungous crowds. But this day was special. Ratan Tata was going to unveil the world’s ...

  • 04-Dec-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    Hype over substance

    As much as 2,000 years ago, the Roman historian Tacitus described the English’s continental forefathers as a warlike race who, when not fighting, liked nothing more than feasting, drinking and sleeping. If you look at English footballers, not ...

  • 27-Nov-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    A few good men

    Kiran Kumar Reddy was an efficient wicket-keeper batsman who captained Hyderabad’s under-22 team in the early 1980s. The team included Mohammed Azharuddin, who recalls that he played his first Test against England in 1985 with the kit ...

  • 20-Nov-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    The eternal quest

    The other day Brett Lee was in Hyderabad, where India and New Zealand hammered another nail in Test cricket’s coffin with a dreary draw. Lee’s presence there had nothing to do with the match, or with cricket in general; he was there to ...

  • 18-Nov-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    Khushwant's uncertain liaisons

    After six decades as a writer, editor and journalist, Khushwant Singh is known as an agnostic who is well-versed in the holy scriptures, a vocal champion of free speech who supported the Emergency, and one who sees the world in a grain of sand and ...

  • 13-Nov-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    'Time ripe for fiscal consolidation'

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today indicated the time was ripe for the country’s economic and financial policy makers to move towards fiscal consolidation.

  • 13-Nov-2010 | Suveen K Sinha

    India's position is safe, asserts Prime Minister

    An upbeat Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on his way back from the G20 Summit in Seoul today, indicated that India’s position was safe, even as a debate raged over trade surpluses and currency valuations in global economic policy.