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  • 04-Jan-2016 | Vikas Khemani

    2016: Year of domestic improvement with global headwinds

    The good part is, 2016 is starting with muted expectation unlike 2015

  • 04-Aug-2014 | Vikas Khemani

    Time to invest not to withdraw

    After all, since 2010, the Nifty has delivered just five per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) return

  • 12-Jan-2014 | Vikas Khemani

    Equity market outlook: Improvement in earnings to provide support

    Year 2013 has been extremely tumultuous for the equity markets, particularly emerging markets (EM). At the beginning of the year, it appeared, the macroeconomic backdrop globally was improving with growth picking up. In India, too, the policy ...

  • 08-Sep-2013 | Vikas Khemani

    Stay away from home -based sectors

    The expected Fed tapering of bond buying or quantitative easing, coupled with a prolonged policy paralysis at home, are the main two causes for the current state of affairs in India.Whenever US long-term rates have gone up and monetary tightening ...

  • 21-Jan-2013 | Vikas Khemani

    Buoyancy in markets should continue

    Markets always tend to discount the current and set sights on what can change. Last year, Indian markets, too, priced in all the negatives and once the government showed signs of action, it led to a sharp rally in the second half.

  • 03-Sep-2012 | Vikas Khemani

    Market downside seems limited

    Global equity markets have been buoyant in recent weeks in anticipation of additional monetary actions from both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB). It is ironic that the market has cheered even the weak economic data from the ...

  • 28-Jun-2012 | Vikas Khemani

    Mai-baap sarkar needed

    Looking at the situation in India today, one is reminded of the words of American humourist Will Rogers.

  • 13-Mar-2012 | Vikas Khemani

    Budget 2012: Balance between fiscal consolidation and growth needed

    As the ‘A-Team’ at the finance ministry sits down to finalise the budget, the market is abuzz with optimism. Markets have moved up almost 20% over the last two months. All eyes are now on the FM’s announcements on March 16th. ...

  • 12-Mar-2012 | Vikas Khemani

    Half empty or half full?

    As we enter Budget week, I see an almost universal pessimistic tendency amongst market participants, despite the markets being up 13 per cent from the lows of December, even after a six per cent correction from recent peaks. The rout of the ruling ...

  • 12-Aug-2011 | Vikas Khemani

    Some respite, but structural issues remain

    The most valuable commodity I know of is information,” utters Gordon Gekko rather mordantly to Bud in Oliver Stone’s 1987 classic, Wall Street. I would add ‘interpretation’ to these treasured words. As the global markets ...

  • 01-Apr-2011 | Vikas Khemani

    Next few months still look challenging for the markets

    The last week ended on a positive note, where after four-and-a-half months we saw FII inflows of $600 million. While this may be a reason to cheer, one needs to see if the fundamentals have changed.

  • 21-Jan-2011 | Vikas Khemani

    2011: The year of hope and complexities

    Despite an uncertain global backdrop, 2010 was the biggest year in terms of FII inflows, with FIIs pumping in $28 billion and markets posting modest returns of 18 per cent. The year 2011, however, is likely to be a year of dealing with complexities ...

  • 10-Dec-2010 | Vikas Khemani

    Near-term headwind for equities

    Complexity of global macro economics playing out has led to the recent volatility and is likely to remain so in the near future. Developed economies are fighting deflation, whereas emerging markets are fighting inflation. In such situation, global ...

  • 29-Jun-2010 | Vikas Khemani

    Gutsy as well as powerful reform

    The government showed strong political resolve by taking firm steps towards deregulation of energy prices. While the increase in petrol prices was mostly along expected lines, the rise in prices of diesel, LPG and kerosene definitely surprised the ...