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An affluent House? Possessions, investments and lifestyle of 5 richest MPs

Peep into the Lok Sabha, you'll find that almost 90 per cent of the newly elected members of Parliament are crorepatis

The architect at one of the restoration sites
'Talk to Me' explains a paradigm shift in the way we consume information
What's getting people hooked to Delhi Aerocity's popular bars, nightclubs
Still from Leila


  • Dystopia days

    Shuma Raha

    At the frightening heart of every dystopia lies someone's disastrous idea of a utopia

  • Wine fantasy

    Wine fantasy Alok Chandra

    Sales of imported wines triple to 2 million cases, and it is projected that this will reach 8 million cases by 2028

  • The shape of water

    Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Water was among the prime deities in an animistic universe. Its influence permeated the world of myths and folklore and impacted the rituals ...

Officer Yuvraj Kumar speaks to the men on gender issues in the Gaya battalion. Photos: Sweta Daga

A pilot programme in Bihar sensitises CRPF men about gender issues

According to the CRPF, it has lost almost 200 men to suicide since 2014

Images from Parag Tandel's contemporary art practice, which grapples with the changing world of Kolis

Two Koli artists are recording shifts in their identity via pop-up museums

The Tandels' first pop-up was held last month near their own koliwada. It dealt with the work of the late Dattatray Mahadeo Koli (1931-2004)

Kabir Singh

Movie review: 'Kabir Singh' is despicable but it may become a hit

The problem is not that Kabir Singh, a violent, misogynistic and egotistical alcoholic, is loved or hated. It is the fact that he is celebrated, ...

Photos: Kamlesh Pednekar

Fast, expensive and loud: The Lamborghini Urus is all about raw power

If the Urus's exteriors are edgy, the interiors seem designed with space-age tech inherited from an alien ship