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Brands increasingly waking up to social media influencers' formidable reach

Brands benefit from the awareness that influencers help raise about their events and products; influencers, on the other hand, in addition to ...

Ketaki Sheth
annapurna devi


  • Words of matter

    Regional language newspapers use some terms that are untranslated English words: ‘honour killing’, ‘lynching’, ‘anti-national’ Aakar Patel

    The question is why use the term 'honour killing' in headlines and news reports when both these words are easily translatable

  • 'Main bhi' movie star

    The couples at these pre-wedding shoots changed clothes for different shots — the girls wore full-length Cinderella gowns, the guys wore three-piece regalia. Photo: iStock Shuma Raha

    Today, everyone can be a glittering star in the glamorous movies of their lives

  • Love and the city

    It is tempting to imagine the masculine voice  as belonging to Ravish Kumar himself and the addressee as historian Nayana Dasgupta,  to whom he  is married Uttaran Das Gupta

    Like food, love - for a city or for the city dweller - can be addictive

Had you ever behaved toward girls or women the way you now regret, they were asked

#MeToo on the campus: Five men who rue the way they treated girls in school

The New York Times invited male readers to tell about their high school experiences


The Lovefools is Sarita Pereira's creative take on exotic flavours

An interior designer's office by day and restaurant by night

'Coal Workers, Dhanbad, Bihar State, India'. © Sebastiao Salgado /  The Deepak Puri Collection / Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru

Cultural archives go online: Indian art and artisans at the click of mouse

Two significant cultural archives go online soon in Bengaluru, offering easy access to a treasure trove of the arts and art practices of the ...

Photos: Courtesy Tula

Chennai's Tula has made strides in revitalising desi cotton production

Over 2,700 litres of clean water go into making one shirt of inorganic cotton. And effluents from dyeing pollute life-giving water sources