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How fake news warriors are trying to eliminate the scourge of our times

WhatsApp took out a full-page advertisement in major news dailies explaining how to identify fake news in forwarded messages

FIFA World Cup: Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, the superstar who isn't
soorma, diljit dosanj
Loneliness is just one of the ingredients in a deadly cocktail that is setting off a range of mental health problems among employees


  • The stubborn journalist

    Capital Gazette journalist E B Furgurson (right) takes notes with two other people Veenu Sandhu

    Journalists back from conflict zones often come here to narrate their stories to others who can relate to what they have seen

  • Incorporating art and artists

    art galleries, painting Kishore Singh

    India's public sector has been known to offer employment to sportspersons

  • Mobs of death

    Pentheus Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Majoritarian policies do the most damage when they fuel anger against the Other

Split into three categories (sexual health, mental health, legal aid), the database sub-lists possible problems

A queer-friendly locator sends a strong message to an insensitive society

A much-needed queer-friendly locator of health- and legal-aid professionals launches just ahead of the Supreme Court's hearings on Section 377

Ant-man and the wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp: A heart-warming film that lacks an effective baddie

The action lives up to Marvel's standards, whether it is in normal size, ant-size or giant-size


Fernandez Hospital uses trained midwives to facilitate natural childbirths

Fernandez asserts that her midwives have contributed dramatically to reducing the C-section rates for their chain

food, restaurant

Small, intimate gatherings offer new opportunities to explore, experiment

The greatest triumph of this social format is that it enables you to reach beyond your familiar circles