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Floods now behind it, Kerala opens doors to tourists with hope, resilience

Travel across the state and it's only in the interiors that you find evidence of the floods

Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad
exercise, health, FITNESS
a scene from the finale of Bazzar


  • A fitting tribute

    Saadat Hasan Manto Aakar Patel

    What makes him compelling is his ability to cut directly through and address the banality and the ordinariness of hatred

  • Schools for scandal

    Victim-shaming is the first resort of patriarchy Shuma Raha

    Despite a slew of tough laws against rape, why do we repeatedly encounter an institutional reluctance to call it out?

  • 'Indecent' exposures

    Members of Hungry Generation responded to political failures of post-Independence India Uttaran Das Gupta

    When we think of Bengali literature these days, we tend to consider works produced mostly in Kolkata or Dhaka

Rana Haddad

Rana Haddad's debut novel shows a feminist literary voice from West Asia

Some have likened the novel's plot twists to a Shakespearean comedy but Indian readers may find this story of lost-and-found siblings and family ...

Volkswagen, beetle

How Volkswagen's iconic Beetle became a symbol of pop culture worldwide

As Volkswagen announces the end of the Bug's journey, Amrita Singh goes down a nostalgic road

section 377, LGBT community

Naz Foundation is trying to sensitise workplaces towards the LGBT community

Naz's trainers facilitate the participants to understand how to co-exist with LGBT individuals in the workplace

aadhaar, delhi home service

Delhi govt's doorstep public service plan needs more than just home visits

The project is yet to make the final strides towards completely eliminating the need for a visit to government offices