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#MeToo movement: How India Inc is handling sexual harassment at workplace

According to a gender diversity report by TeamLease from 2016, 72% of women respondents lacked faith in the organisational measures to deal with ...

Over the past four decades, Ram V Sutar has churned out 50 monumental structures, besides hundreds of smaller statues
RBI, governor, government
Textile revivalists are working hard to save dying weaves and traditions
Capturing a larger-than-life personality like Freddie Mercury on celluloid


  • Objects of desire

    Objects of desire Aakar Patel

    It is known that chilli came to India with the Portuguese, there is, for example, no reference to chillies in the recipes of the Mughal court ...

  • Wives who defend

    Hillary Clinton entered the stand-by-your-man hall of fame in 1992 when husband Bill was running for US President (Photo: Reuters) Shuma Raha

    In the real world, the spectacle of a wife sticking up for a husband who faces allegations of sexual misconduct invariably evokes scorn

  • A season for the hammer

    A season for the hammer Kishore Singh

    Auction houses are bringing collections to the market

Sumendra Singh, director, Bengaluru Comedy Festival (Photo Courtesy: Jim Lee)

An eclectic lineup to make Bengaluru Comedy Festival an engaging affair

The comedy festival is on till November 25 and tickets cost between Rs 300 and Rs 1,200

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

'Crimes of Grindelwald': All you'd expect to find in a Harry Potter world

The movie picks up exactly where the first film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, left off.

Hockey World Cup

Can a steadily improving Team India claim the Hockey World Cup title?

Indian hockey has been on the upswing in the last few years. Now, a home World Cup gives the national team a chance to go from unpredictable ...

Here's why Indian Sign Language needs wider acceptability in the country

Here's why Indian Sign Language needs a wider acceptability in the country

For large-scale acceptance and equality at a nationwide level, we need more than a dictionary