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Devangshu Datta

Devangshu Datta

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  • The sky to get more crowded

    28-06-2020 20:53:00

    Tracking space debris is now an area of commercial interest as satellite launches go up

  • Key ratios of Adani group in dangerous territory

    28-06-2020 20:27:00

    To marry the narrative to the numbers, the group has to keep scaling up since that allows it to raise more money

  • It is easy to whip up anti-Chinese emotions

    21-06-2020 19:22:00

    However, significant policy reform would also be necessary to attract investors

  • Playing the markets

    20-06-2020 01:24:00

    Most readers will have heard of Mr Buffett. Mr Portnoy is a 43-year-old, mainly famous for setting up the popular American blog, Barstool Sports

  • A glimmer of hope but...

    18-06-2020 22:49:00

    ...dexamethasone's positive effect on patients with severe Covid-19 infection and no effect on mild ones imply that it will not be used on a large scale

  • Diving deeper into the sea

    14-06-2020 20:58:00

    Though water covers over 70 per cent of the Earth, the sea is as much of a mystery as the Moon

  • A bottom-up approach to investing

    14-06-2020 19:57:00

    Can you identify businesses which will weather this storm and come out stronger? If so, buy those companies

  • Three telecom players needed

    07-06-2020 19:53:00

    Duopoly, with only Jio and Airtel, will be unhealthy and lead to job losses in the sector

  • Below the poverty line

    06-06-2020 01:11:00

    How much do you need to earn on a daily basis to be above the poverty limit?

  • Moody's downgrade of India's sovereign debt had been on cards for months

    02-06-2020 07:53:00

    In comparative terms, India has been a laggard among Emerging Markets in 2020. The downgrade just makes the task of its economic recovery a little more daunting

  • The problem with Aarogya Setu

    31-05-2020 21:12:00

    The app gathers a lot of data, which is unnecessary for the task it supposedly performs

  • Any crisis throws up undervalued stocks

    31-05-2020 20:34:00

    But look at quality of management, and another one unique to this crisis is finding businesses which will emerge stronger

  • Inflation should be managed carefully

    24-05-2020 19:56:00

    It's one of those rare periods where deflation is also possible. The RBI may have to adjust money supply in either direction

  • An emperor in Delhi

    23-05-2020 00:33:00

    The emperor's appetite for enlarging his realm translated into a fetish for raising taxes, despite the simplicity of his personal lifestyle

  • The dogged quest for alien life

    22-05-2020 20:21:00

    Kipping used the statistical tools of Bayesian Inference to see if life should exist on Earth