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The past two years have been transformative for the home healthcare industry, says Meena Ganesh, co-founder, Portea. She says her focus is on developing a strong tech ecosystem to manage patients

The company also offers a chronic care management programme for its flagship product

The company also offers a chronic care management programme for its flagship product

Q1: Welcome to the Business Standard morning show ma’am. Thank you for joining us. Covid especially has been a transforming time for the entire healthcare sector. It has put companies like you in the spotlight. How has it changed Portea? And how do you see the future after Covid?

Healthcare should reach people’s homes and communities through digital platforms
Advised governments on the need for home-care of Covid-patients
Set up a remote monitoring protocol for Covid-patients at home
Managed four lakh Covid-patients remotely during the first wave across six states
Demand from patients, doctors, hospitals, pharma and insurance companies

Insurance companies and regulators legitimising home care therapies now
Q2: Can you briefly explain what kind of technologies that Portea uses to service its clients?

Functions on a strong technology base and patient management system
Clinicians function effectively by tracking secure medical data from an app
Patients are tracked in real-time using standardised protocols
Q3: Home healthcare is still considered to be at a very nascent stage in India. And among all of your segments, where do you think the most demand will come from in the future?

Growth potential in:
1) Managing patients with chronic diseases
2) Offering hospital-like services at home
Q4. Do you mind sharing any numbers related to Portea’s revenue growth or funding or sales numbers?

Growth trajectory > 20% to 25% growth per annum in revenues for FY2021-22

Projected growth > 30% to 45% growth per annum in revenues for FY2022-23
Q5. You’ve invested in a myriad of startups through GrowthStory. What is your broad investment philosophy?
Investing in startups that
….are aimed at solving big problems in India
… offer an opportunity to build a valuable business
…allow Portea to combine its capabilities to improve the product

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First Published: Dec 02 2021 | 8:30 AM IST

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