Volume IconTMS Ep264: End of pandemic, Apple, global equities, Goldilocks scenario

Is the end of the pandemic in sight for India? What is the significance of Apple's 'Make in India' push? Is it time to diversify to global equities? What is Goldilocks scenario? All answers here

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World Health Organization chief has finally struck an optimistic note, saying that the world has never been better placed to end the Covid-19. Going a step further, US President Joe Biden has written an obituary of the pandemic, by claiming that it is over. But are we really seeing the end of the pandemic which has so far claimed over 6.5 million lives globally. Should we lower our guard and shelve the masks? 

Our northern neighbour China is holding steadfast to its zero Covid strategy of strict lockdowns and mass testing. Erratic lockdowns have frustrated its citizens and businesses alike, forcing manufacturers to explore alternatives. One beneficiary has been India where Apple is expanding iPhone making capacity. What does it mean for the US giant and for India? 

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Pandemic has also introduced chaos in the global equity markets. Fears of uncertain inflation and growth trajectory are keeping markets volatile. So, should investors look inwards and invest in Indian markets, or is the nervousness across global equities a good time to diversify into international markets? 

The US Fed is unlikely to breathe easy till the historically-high inflation is brought under control. It wants to pull-off a return to “Goldilocks” while steering clear of recession. But what exactly is the Goldilocks scenario? We explain in this episode of the podcast. 

First Published: Sep 21 2022 | 08:00 AM IST

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