Volume IconTMS Ep291: WhatsApp service, GM mustard, airline stocks, GSLV Mark III

Is it time to think of WhatsApp as a public service? Are the fears over GM mustard overblown? Are airline stocks set to fly high? What made GSLV Mark III's last mission special? All answers here

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On Tuesday, just a day after Diwali, as most of us were busy greeting each other, making video and audio calls to relatives and sharing photos, WhatsApp went down. And not just the private affairs, businesses too took a hit. Millions spent anxious two hours, till the instant messaging app came alive. But this longest-ever glitch in WhatsApp forced us to introspect. And ask one question. Is it time to think of WhatsApp as a public service? 

Indian firms are going full pedal to develop indigenous messaging apps. But a local answer to WhatsApp appears to be a distant dream. Meanwhile, the country is also trying to become independent in edible oil production. And for this, biotech regulator GEAC has recommended environmental release of genetically-modified mustard. But not all are happy with this decision. So what are the concerns around GM crops? 

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If you are flying above north India during winter, a glance from an airplane window often throws a pleasant sight. Vast swathes of fields are covered in mustard crops hanging low due to yellow flowers. Moving on, India’s aviation sector seems to have left the pandemic turbulence behind. Airlines nearly doubled their fares on key metro routes, even as they incurred lower fuel costs. These tailwinds, analysts say, may boost their earnings in the second half of this fiscal. But, are these stocks still worth your money amid rising competition? 

It is not just the skies. The traffic in the space is increasing too. India is also increasingly marking its presence up there. Last Sunday, the country’s largest rocket placed 36 satellites in space. The successful launch of OneWeb India-1 mission was a big milestone for the country and the ISRO. Let us find out more about it in this episode of the podcast. 

First Published: Oct 28 2022 | 07:23 AM IST

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