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Skincare Tips for Glowing and Radiant Skin Naturally

Controlling stress levels and caring for your skin depending upon its type and the surroundings is also important.

Anurag Khare 

Skincare Tips for Glowing and Radiant Skin Naturally

Skincare is much more than just cleaning of the skin, factors such as consuming a healthy balanced diet and getting enough sleep are also associated deeply with skincare. Controlling stress levels and caring for your skin depending upon its type and the surroundings is also important. Natural ways to care for the skin includes eating ample amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding food items that cause skin damage such as oily fast foods and including food items such as dark chocolate and healthy fats that are good for the skin in daily diet.

Caring for the Skin on the Face

There are differences and similarities in the way one should care for the skin on the face and on the body. The first step to keep skin on the face and body healthy and glowing is by keeping it clean from dirt and toxins. To clean the face, use a face-wash rich in natural ingredients. Avoid usage of chemicals in form of cosmetics and fragrances. These chemicals can cause damage to the skin and even lead to hormonal issues. Homemade face-wash made using honey and lemon can help moisturize the skin naturally. Facial scrubs using sugar can help exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. Finally natural face packs are a great way to care for the face rather the skin on the face. One can use a face-mask of oatmeal for 20 minutes and then remove the same using warm water for a refreshed and

Caring for the Skin on the Body

Castile soap which is made using olive oil is good for the skin. Salts scrubs mixed with almonds may be used to massage and clean the body. One can use exfoliating gloves available in the market to scrub the skin clean. Once every month a bath using baking soda can act as a natural deodorant. Keeping the skin moisturized is also a must. Always use Paraben-free moisturizers and make-up as parabens such as Methylparaben, Propylparaben and butylparaben are cancer causing. Oil can be the best alternative to lotion. There are various types of skincare oil available in the market one can choose one as per his or her preference. Moisturize your skin after shower and let the dry skin absorb the moisturizer before heading out. Keeping oneself hydrated by drinking ample amount of water per day also goes a long way in caring for the skin.

Protect your Skin

Along with caring, the skin also requires protection. A good sunscreen lotion can provide protection from the sun. Use a sunscreen made from mineral and natural products. Please note that there are two varieties of sunscreens available in the market, the first being SPF 15 which can be used on a daily basis whereas SPF 30 is used when the exposure to the sun is for a prolonged period, choose accordingly. Another common issue that damages skin is smoking; it causes premature aging of the skin. Smoking can damage elastin and collagen in the skin and also block blood flow making the skin look dull and lifeless. Steam bath through warm water on the skin can cleanse, heal and open skin pores and reduce blackheads drastically. Women should be careful when choosing various cosmetics and make-up items. Choose cosmetics that are free from chemicals such as butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, coal tar and toulene.

First Published: Tue, November 14 2017. 10:59 IST