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Top gym workout plans and routines for men and women

Reasons such as what the individual's goals and aims are like losing weight, gaining muscle mass or increasing stamina will have a profound impact on the training and exercise regime of the said perso

Anurag Khare 

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There are many reasons depending upon which an individual’s workout plan, routine and regime may vary. Reasons such as what the individual’s goals and aims are like losing weight, or will have a profound impact on the training and exercise regime of the said person. Other factors such as individual’s body type or whether the said individual is a hard-gainer or easy-gainer and many such other factors will also matter. Having said that, along with the required benefit, gaining a wholesome workout and achieving overall good and body is mostly the aim of people who visit the gym. In a gym assistance of a knowledgeable trainer is mostly available thus one can formulate a workout plan in accordance with the trainer. But if for some reason the expertise of the trainer is not available that how can one plan or choose the best workout routine or regime for him or herself?

Plan your Workout Routine
To derive maximum benefit from the gym routine it’s recommended that first one must plan the workout in accordance with the benefits that is being aimed for. If one is not sure about the workout routine or plan it’s best to keep a flexible workout routine and alter it according to the needs. Even the most basic training schedule or workout plan will help build muscles, and increase stamina. For a wholesome and full body workout make it a point to work on all muscle groups of the body on separate days like upper body (chest and shoulders) on a particular day, arms (and triceps) on the second day and and on a different day. Know what benefits you are looking for and how you plan to achieve them like for building muscles it is best to train hard instead of longer. Intense workout will help you gain muscle mass faster, so plan accordingly.

Workout Plans and Routines for Beginners
For a newbie it’s recommended to start with a ‘beginner’s’ workout routine and then gradually promote himself to an ‘intermediate’s’ workout level. Then after few weeks the individual and the body will be ready for expert-level rigorous workout. For a beginner it is not absolutely necessary to hit the gym daily, in fact that may cause quick burnout or loss of interest. Taking ample rest, pausing and resting after each set when exercising is also recommended. Initially keep the workout regime to around an hour maximum. Have a balanced mix of various such as cardio, strength training, weights and more. Also it is advisable to change the nature of the workout routine every few weeks.

Best Workout Plans and Regimes for Men and Women
Depending upon the specific benefits required an individual can include varied exercise regimes and workouts accordingly. But there are few dos and don’ts and best practises that one may incorporate in their daily gym routine. Firstly start with and warm-up exercises; especially focus on the muscle group or groups that one will be targeting on that specific day. Raise the heart rate slowly meaning build up the session slowly; start with sets of push-ups, pull-ups and squats. Each set can contain of up to 10-12 rep or depending upon how much an individual can handle without stressing himself too much. Divide the days in a week and work on a specific muscle group on specific day. Every alternate day change the muscle set and let the muscles which one has worked on the previous day take rest and grow. After the workouts take time to cool off, also stay hydrated at all times. Don’t ignore any discomfort or pain and also use proper and comfortable clothing and equipment.

First Published: Thu, November 16 2017. 10:06 IST