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  • 9 hours ago | Geetanjali Krishna

    Bateshwar's animal traders hit hard by gaurakshaks, demonetisation

    Dust from the ravines of Chambal rises up in flurries

  • 02-Dec-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Chunar: A fort from many eras

    Located in the Mirzapur district, 40 km from Varanasi, Chunar is a unprepossessing town at odds with its rich history

  • 02-Dec-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: The need to redefine poverty

    Interests of universal food security will not be met by limiting food subsidies to the lucky few, who have managed to get cards

  • 25-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Educating rural India

    One of India's largest NGOs has adopted a unique programme to enable better learning in some of the country's most backward areas, writes Geetanjali Krishna

  • 25-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: The little 'demons' of demonetisation

    Thanks to demonetisation, as month-end approaches, I'm trying to see how best to make all those pesky cash payments by other means

  • 18-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Dacoits and dolphins

    A boat ride on the Chambal opens up a world that is still unspoilt

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Education outside a classroom

    Soon Singh, the son of an illiterate weaver, will become the first in his family to graduate, and come closer to realising his dream of getting a government job

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Sunny days

    A group in Lahaul and Spiti is turning around the region's ecology through solar energy

  • 05-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Port Blair: Away from the 'mainland'

    A visit to the idyllic town of Port Blair can still invoke painful memoriesof the British Raj

  • 04-Nov-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Preferring home to anywhere else

    An overpowering smell of disinfectant hung like a pall over the hospital ward

  • 29-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Sowing the right seeds

    A group of urban gardeners is raising awareness about native seeds and how they help the environment

  • 28-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Not here to just bide their time

    In rural Bengal, people still believed that widows were simply biding their time on earth after their lord and master had departed from it

  • 22-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    The river of stories

    The outher takes in the many facets of the Narmada, a river that is holding on to its beauty

  • 15-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Stairway to Olympic success

    Stairs, a Delhi-based NGO, is enabling young athletes to realise their sporting potential

  • 14-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: The age of the devotional deejay

    At the dawn of this brand new age of the devotional deejay, I mused that I urgently needed to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones

  • 08-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    The forgotten Navratri magic

    As residents of Old Delhi move to modern neighbourhoods, everyday traditions and rituals are disappearing

  • 07-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: A licence to hope and dream

    As we walked through the conservative neighbourhood, women with covered heads peeped shyly from half-opened windows

  • 01-Oct-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Rescue in the wild

    As the Assam floods threatened the animals of Kaziranga National Park, one organisation came to their aid

  • 30-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Responsibility for disease outbreak

    Yesterday our watchman came to work with a shaven head. He had just attended the 13th day funerary ceremony of his sister-in-law

  • 24-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Gum and guitar

    Over coffee from Seattle, the author reminisces about the city that is proud of its eccentricities

  • 17-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    PDS: Smart ration cards need to be smarter

    The new ePOS devices launched to curb corruption are proving to be more of a hassle than a boon

  • 17-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Community for action

    A self-funded, volunteer-driven organisation in Manipur is enabling residents to take charge of the ecology and environment of their region

  • 16-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Picnics, parties and parks

    Recently when I became involved in the planning of a christening party for a young couple, I finally understood why these parks are such a huge draw

  • 10-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Postcards from Manipur

    The author looks beyond the bandhs and discovers Imphal's floating islands and a bustling traditional market

  • 09-Sep-2016 | Geetanjali Krishna

    Geetanjali Krishna: Packaging your skills right

    Recently I met Ram Lal, a "landscape gardener" from Rampur, whose story shows that packaged right, even experience in farming can be used as a bankable "skill"

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