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What is Smart Business?

Business Standard is held in high esteem for its in-depth analysis and its opinions. Periodically, in the interest of sharing expert knowledge with a wider audience, it organizes industry round tables.The collective wisdom of the industry stalwarts is tapped into and the debates that flow help set the agenda and shape policy. Smart Business is an event series where we work with trade associations and industry bodies at a local level and help highlight issues of concern. Acting as a neutral platform, it helps multiple voices to be heard including those of industry representatives and academicians.




Past Events

The Companies Act 2013. Learn the new rules of the game.

The Companies Act of 2013, which has been enacted recently, has far reaching impact on the corporates, according to speakers at a ...

Pygmalion effect: Getting the best from the good

To lead is to guide, to inspire, to manage and much more. Apurva Sanaria, Leadership Trainer & Management Consultant, explained ...

Leading is an art learn the master stroke : Hyderabad

Business Standard Primer event held on 28th June, 2014, at Hyderabad.

Possibilities of industrial and agricultural development in Mandsaur district

Business Standard Smart Business in Mandsaur on 6th July 2014, in association with Shivana Area Water Partnership Org., Mandsaur, ...

Bank Funding - Opportunities and Challenges

Business Standard Smart Business in Chennai on 5th July 2014, in association with Hindustan Chamber of Commerce and Sindhi ...

State's Role in Enhancing India's Export Growth

Business Standard Smart Business in Kanpur on 7th July 2014, in association with Federation of Indian Export Organizations.


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