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What is Smart Business?

Business Standard is held in high esteem for its in-depth analysis and its opinions. Periodically, in the interest of sharing expert knowledge with a wider audience, it organizes industry round tables.The collective wisdom of the industry stalwarts is tapped into and the debates that flow help set the agenda and shape policy. Smart Business is an event series where we work with trade associations and industry bodies at a local level and help highlight issues of concern. Acting as a neutral platform, it helps multiple voices to be heard including those of industry representatives and academicians.




Past Events

Workshop on Export Management

Exports can open up new opportunities for business and provide an additional revenue stream.

Risk Management for SMEs

Risk management has become very crucial for the survival and growth of small enterprises as they navigate their way through the ...

Risk Management for SMEs

Approximately 45 million SMEs in India contribute to almost 40 per cent of India's exports and close to 45 per cent of the total ...

Workshop on Digital Marketing

In a world where business is being conducted over smartphones, ignoring digital marketing can be risky.

New Bill on Black Money in India: Implications for the Economy

At the Business Standard Smart Business panel discussion on the new Black Money Bill organised in association with Indian Chamber ...

Risk Management for SMEs

Business Standard Smart Business in Rajkot on May 8, 2015, in association with Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industries


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