Lunch with BS

Lunch with BS: Mukund Rajan

19 Dec 2014

The Chennai-born Rhodes scholar tells Surajeet Das Gupta how he is setting about fulfilling his mandate to make the Tata brand touch a ...

Lunch with BS: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

12 Dec 2014

Appearances can be deceptive, for there's nothing 'religious' about this 'guru', writes author, as he shares fish curry with Sadhguru who ...

Lunch with BS: B N Goswamy

05 Dec 2014

B N Goswamy, the pre-eminent scholar of Indian miniature painting tells Sunil Sethi that an art historian's life is not all swotting in ...

Tea with BS: Rohit Ohri

28 Nov 2014

360-degree communication is passe, it's vital for brands to communicate every day of the year to stay relevant, the advertising industry ...

Lunch with BS: Yogendra Yadav

21 Nov 2014

The Aam Aadmi Party ideologue tells Sahil Makkar why he thinks the party stands a good chance of returning to power in Delhi

Lunch with BS: Leila Seth

14 Nov 2014

One of the most respected jurists and a champion of women rights and judicial reform tells Sunil Sethi why she's not a feminist but an ...

LUNCH WITH BS: Rajdeep Sardesai, television presenter

07 Nov 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai's doosra on Modi

Lunch with BS: Venkatesh Kini

31 Oct 2014

Evolution, not revolution, is the basis of Coca-Cola India CEO Venkatesh Kini's strategy to keep India's status as the cola multinational's ...

Lunch with BS: Harit Nagpal

17 Oct 2014

Incomplete digitisation, a micro-managing regulator and an uneven playing field with cable operators keep digital pay TV operators on their ...

Dinner with BS: Meena & K Ganesh

10 Oct 2014

The poster couple of Indian entrepreneurship are past masters at work-life balance

Lunch with BS: Neel Mukherjee

03 Oct 2014

The Booker shortlisted author talks about its impact on his life and the authors he admires the most over a traditional Bengali meal

Lunch with BS: Naseeruddin Shah

26 Sep 2014

The actor's candid memoir And Then One Day has proved a hit but he remains as forthright and unassuming as ever

Lunch with BS: Sanjay Kapoor

12 Sep 2014

The network reaper

Lunch with BS: Chitra Ramakrishna

05 Sep 2014

Chitra Ramakrishna, MD & CEO, National Stock Exchange may have little time to practise the veena these days but her playbook for ...

Lunch with BS: D Shivakumar

29 Aug 2014

PepsiCo India's new CEO admits to being an ardent follower of the world's management gurus and they clearly mould his outlook

Coffee with BS: Vivek Gambhir

22 Aug 2014

The MD revels in his two-city life between the Godrej-owned flagship in Mumbai and his own family in New Delhi

Lunch with BS: Zubin Irani

08 Aug 2014

The Modi government is good for business, the head of United Technologies in India and 'Half Iron Man' triathlon contestant

Lunch with BS: Ruchira Ghose

01 Aug 2014

The economist turned bureaucrat talks to Geetanjali Krishna over nimbu paani and mango prawn curry about getting craftspeople the respect ...

Fighting the 'womb lottery': Girindre Beeharry

25 Jul 2014

The head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tells Rahul Jacob that everyone should have a chance to live a life equal to a rich ...

Lunch with BS: Kunal Bahl

18 Jul 2014

E-commerce companies in India have many things to learn from their Chinese counterparts but they can also teach them a lesson or two on ...

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