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Fighting the 'womb lottery': Girindre Beeharry

25 Jul 2014

Everyone should have a chance to live a life equal to a rich kid's in Brooklyn, the head of one of India's largest NGOs tells Rahul Jacob

Lunch with BS: Kunal Bahl

18 Jul 2014

E-commerce companies in India have many things to learn from their Chinese counterparts but they can also teach them a lesson or two on ...

Lunch with BS: Pramit Jhaveri

11 Jul 2014

Pramit Jhaveri talks to Shyamal Majumdar & Nupur Anand about his passion for art, how Citi India scripted the turnaround of its ...

Tea with BS: Rajan Anandan

04 Jul 2014

By 2020, India will have 500 million internet users and there's no reason why we won't have 200 million people as e-commerce customers, ...

Lunch with BS: Sunil Mathur

27 Jun 2014

Over some delectable Indian food, the first Indian head of Siemens' local unit, talks to Aneesh Phadnis and Dev Chatterjee about his ...

Lunch with BS: Ranjan Mahtani

20 Jun 2014

Mahtani, who employs a large number of women in his factories, tells Rahul Jacob that 'you want women to come out and work' - that is the ...

Lunch with BS: Vivek Menon

13 Jun 2014

The indefatigable conservationist tells Geetanjali Krishna that saving animals is only a small part of the process

Lunch with BS: Jayant Sinha

06 Jun 2014

The first McKinsey consultant to win a Lok Sabha seat, the novice MP appears to be making a seamless transition from a global corporate ...

Lunch with BS: K C Chakrabarty

30 May 2014

Chakrabarty tells Shyamal Majumdar & Manojit Saha that banking came to him not by design but by accident, and that banks in India ...

Lunch with BS: Bibek Debroy

23 May 2014

The polymath tells Kanika Datta why he is attracted to Narendra Modi's economic model and talks about life after his mammoth translation of ...

Lunch with BS: Rahul Sharma

16 May 2014

Underdogs should set their own rules and play to their strengths, the promoter of the successful home-grown handset maker tells Alokananda ...

Tea with BS: Anjali Gopalan

09 May 2014

India's foremost champion of LGBT rights tells Geetanjali Krishna that the Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 is going to create 'a ...

Lunch with BS: Anshu Gupta

02 May 2014

The rural entrepreneur explains to Geetanjali Krishna how his organisation's model has become a non-monetary tool for social and ...

Lunch with BS: Amit Burman

25 Apr 2014

The low-profile Dabur scion has become India's largest restaurateur

Lunch with BS: Pawan Goenka

18 Apr 2014

Spoken English was Greek to him till late in his career and he finds it easy to sell everything, from bananas to trucks, Goenka tells ...

Lunch with BS: Rahul Ram

11 Apr 2014

Indian Ocean's lead singer and bass guitarist tells Geetanjali Krishna ahead of the release of the band's latest album

Lunch with BS: Manoj Mitta

04 Apr 2014

Indian society suffers excessive reverence for authority, the author of revelatory accounts of the investigations into the 1984 and 2002 ...

Lunch with BS: Ashok Gulati

28 Mar 2014

The agricultural economist explains why he found his brief stint in government exhilarating and eye-opening

Lunch with BS: Laila Tyabji

21 Mar 2014

Corporate investment would make the sector attractive for craftspeople, says the woman most credited with the resurgence of Indian ...

Lunch with BS: Bindeshwar Pathak

14 Mar 2014

By developing a self-sustaining model for public sanitation, the offbeat pioneer transformed the concept of philanthropy

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There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

There have been 10 major exits at Infosys in the past one year. What do you think is wrong with the company?

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