India's stuttering internet revolution

23 Mar 2015

India is posed to over the US in number of internet users, but has the lowest broadband speeds in the Asia-Pacific region

An app to identify safe zones in a city

07 Mar 2015

A new mobile app is allowing women to identify safe zones in a city with the help of crowd-sourced audits

Startling vistas and gory play

15 Feb 2015

Far Cry 4, the latest game in the franchise, is a visual treat with great gameplay but is let down by a weak story

Technology in sci-fi movies a reality: Google [x]

12 Feb 2015

Mohammad Gawdat, VP, Business Innovation at Google [x] and works on Project Loon, which aims to use high-altitude balloons to provide ...

The World Cup project (or)

07 Feb 2015

Here are two new projectors that are ideal for viewing the World Cup matches on the big screen

Game for South Park aficionado

18 Jan 2015

It's a third person role-playing game where the player is a 'new kid' in the town

Digital gets a seat at the CxO table

22 Dec 2014

The vertical is increasingly moving from the fringes to the centre of the management table at agencies

Looking Forward: 2015 - Waiting for 4G

14 Dec 2014

Theoretically, 4G promises download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, compared with the speed of 21 Mbps that 3G supports

It's been five years, but the 'Birds' are 'Angry' still

14 Dec 2014

The game has been downloaded 2.5 billlion times, Rovio claims

Are we near the end of 3G services in India?

08 Dec 2014

The pricing battle for 4G, which is a more efficient technology, could push 3G almost entirely out of the marketplace

Electrified plastic for printers

06 Dec 2014

Plastic has always been known as a great insulator. But a US company has developed a plastic filament for 3D printers that can conduct ...

Internet truly personal at 1 Gbps

10 Oct 2014

About 1,400 people, most of whom are technology experts in various fields, were asked for their thoughts on how they see the world changing ...

Twitter has the last laugh @iPhone 6

10 Sep 2014

The Twitterati, it seemed, came armed with their sharpest barbs for the launch of the new iPhone

FB Messenger: Not 'appening enough?

17 Aug 2014

Facebook's messaging service has now been shifted to a dedicated application. The author looks at why this move has got mixed reactions ...

Recall messages leaving no trace

05 Aug 2014

Recalling e-mails are quite rampant these days. But what do you do if you have pressed the send button 'by mistake' on your instant ...

How to digitally avoid taking it to the grave

12 Jul 2014

Planning for control of your personal information after you die used to be as simple as telling someone about the desk drawer or the ...

Cloud: The reality that enterprises cannot escape

07 Jul 2014

Even as many still regard it as a 'new technology', experts and senior industry leaders are of the view that Cloud is increasingly becoming ...

FIFA 15 to be 'emotional' experience

22 Jun 2014

Here's a game that will give you the thrill of football while sitting at home

Onus to prove security breach on customers

29 May 2014

Though you could get back up to Rs 5 crore, it is difficult to notify the government

Fishing for alternatives

04 May 2014

A patch from Microsoft will solve the recent security flaw in Internet Explorer but here's a look at other browsers if you are looking for ...

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