Party apps of the political kind

10 Mar 2014

Elections are round the corner and political parties are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to voters. Here's how parties are using ...

Stylish and precise texting - Adaptxt

10 Mar 2014

All of us encounter the auto-correct problem while sending or replying to a text - for those who really want to see what I mean visit ...

Skills in cyber security, a report

21 Feb 2014

India's talent pipeline in information security-skills emerges at its weakest with just under a percentage of student population in ...

An idea is not enough to start an e-commerce business

30 Jan 2014

Now that e-commerce is being seen as even more disruptive than FDI, the rush to set up business in this sector has grown that much more

Meet the strange stranger

19 Jan 2014

In the world of random video chat, some will do anything to impress

PC makers shift course in the face of assault by tablets

08 Jan 2014

Demand for PCs has been affected by tablets, forcing Indian companies to stop making computers. But they may find solace in the fact that ...

The face of Indian cyber law in 2013

30 Dec 2013

The year 2013 has seen a lot of events as far as Cyberlaw jurisprudence in India is concerned. It has been an eventful year that ...

Year 2013 showed privacy is an illusion in cyberspace

26 Dec 2013

2013 has truly been a tumultuous year from every aspect, be it the Syrian unrest, the Snowden revelations or Typhoon Haiyan in Phillipines. ...

Logitech UE9000: Not for classical music

13 Dec 2013

The cable plugs into the right ear cup, on which are mounted the volume and play/pause buttons, conveniently at the back

Zoook ZB-BHP15: 10-metre machine

13 Dec 2013

When you are listening to music or even playing games, the BHP15 blocks external sounds and noise quite effectively

Do India's online numbers stack up?

10 Dec 2013

By June 2014, its user numbers will be staggering - ahead of the US and only a little behind China - but there are gaping holes in this ...

Young founders of GoDimensions plan expansion

30 Nov 2013

They may be all about 14 and 12 years of age respectively, but Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran, co-founders of mobile application ...

RCom to devote CDMA business to dongles

26 Nov 2013

Reliance Communications which is looking to increase its mobile data subscriptions, is similarly eyeing growth in the dongle business

Deer Hunter: Not quite a rumble in the jungle

24 Nov 2013

The game arcade has often been under glare for promoting violence and dehumanising people. Yet, despite the violent content, the thrill of ...

Creating safer zones with SafetiPin

24 Nov 2013

The map-based application, aiming to enhance advocacy about women and community safety, is available on all Android devices and iPhones

An anonymous digital underworld

18 Nov 2013

The Dark Web, as it is known, is everywhere and nowhere, and it's growing fast

Great fun but falls short of expectations

10 Nov 2013

The Third Street Saints are back. And, this time, they are running the US. No, you didn't read it wrong. You play the eccentric leader of ...

BBM vs WhatsApp: And the winner is...?

28 Oct 2013

Its the battle of the messengers. A look at the features of both the titans

Everything You Want to Know About the Lightest Tablet in the World

23 Oct 2013

Apple just announced its latest offering, the iPad Air. And while the new tablet may not come in gold or have a fingerprint sensor, its ...

Accessorising it right

20 Oct 2013

Does a smartphone make you smart? Well, we do not have the answer to that. But what we do know is that smartphones have become a common ...

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