What is Land Registry?

Land Registry

What is Land Registry?
What is Land Registry?

Land registration is an important document in determining the title of a property. Similar to registration of residential apartments, land registry ensures proper governance.

Land registration refers to the process of registration of the document, changes in ownership and other transactions related to the property.

To ensure legal ownership and title of the property, it is imperative to get it registered with the concerned authority. Registering land helps in reducing the risks and disputes that may arise in the future. It will also help the government in maintaining an up-to-date public record.

What is the process of registering your land?

There 5 major steps involved:
1. A verbal contract: Verbal contract is an agreement between the buyer and seller over the purchase or sale of a land.
2. Once the contract is verbally agreed, the next step is to prepare the sale document to record what was verbally agreed.
3. After the deed is made, stamp duty has to be paid, which ranges from 3-7 per cent, depending on the state.
4. Once the stamp duty is paid, the next step is to execute the sale deed and register it with the concerned authority
5. The final step is mutation of the property

A buyer must make sure that proper due diligence of the land and the title of the property has been done. The buyer must know whether the land is an agricultural land or non-agricultural land and whether further construction on the land is allowed or not.

Many state governments are now offering online land registration to simplify the process. Currently, in many states, the land details can be accessed online and this has ensured transparency in the system. While digitisation is important in the land registry process, physical presence at the concerned civic office cannot be done away with yet.

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