What is WhatsApp ecommerce?

WhatsApp commerce

What is WhatsApp ecommerce?
What is WhatsApp ecommerce?
Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp launched a new shopping button in 2019 on 'WhatsApp Business' that allows users to browse through a business' catalogue.
With this feature, people are able to view a storefront icon, right next to the business' name. This makes it easier for users to discover a catalogue and look at what type of goods or services are offered.
Earlier, users had to click on the business profile to see if it offered a ready list of items. The shopping button also helps businesses boost the visibility of their products and increase sales.
'WhatsApp Carts' option let potential customers of businesses browse catalogues, select items, and check out through a single message. On the transactions' part, many business owners are accepting and receiving payments digitally using 'payments on WhatsApp'.
WhatsApp has over 400 million users in India and competes against players like Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe.
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani's e-commerce platform JioMart tapped into the popular messaging app in November 2021 to scale up the online business in its fight for dominance in the giant Indian retail market with Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart. JioMart started testing its integration with the messaging platform in 'beta' mode. The full-scale launch is expected in 2022.
The 'tap and chat' option on WhatsApp allows users to order groceries where the delivery is free and there is no minimum order value. Customer can fill their shopping carts within the app and pay either via JioMart or in cash on delivery.

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