<b>My Life My Style:</b> Karan Johar

'I don't accessorise, I dramatise'

Karan Johar

Business Standard
Best work moment
The moment you start to shoot. It's letting go that's the problem.

Books on your bedside
I have scripts on my bedside. Books are now a luxury.

Massage or workout to de-stress
I have OCD issues about massages and with workouts I just have issues. Period.

Favourite accessory
I don't accessorise, I dramatise.

Designs that have caught your eye recently
The entire Givenchy line

Your IT tools
For me, it's always an Apple a day.

Favourite wine
Saint Emilion

Favourite champagne
Dom Perignon (Pink)

Your sleeping ritual
Certainly not counting sheep. That's too last season.

Favourite TV show
The Golden Girls

Best gift received
A personally autographed Meryl Streep poster

Best gift given
Student of the Year... to the now graduated students

Favourite cuisine
Parsi food

What food items do you like to shop for?
Diabetic, sugar-free chocolates for my mother, who thinks they have no calories.

Where do you like to sit when being driven? Upfront with driver of back seat like a sahib?

On a plane, do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?

Fancy coffee or masala tea?
Koffee with a K

What do you cook on your day off?
I don't cook and I don't have days off.

Do you fill customer feedback forms? Why?
Never. I don't think it ever helps.

Are you a beach or mountain person?
Mountain. I don't have the body for a beach.

Favourite city
New York

What's your fragrance?

You get your work clothes from
Fortunately, I don't have a job where I need to dress corporate.

The shoemaker you trust your sole with
Christian Louboutin

Your shaving mantra
Shave if you want to behave

The gels and oils and lotions you swear by
Everything at Kiehl's

Favourite evening wear
Velvet blazers

What's your weekday breakfast like? And weekend?
Egg whites through the week

Your current set of wheels

In the car, is it sleep or cell for you?
Cell that sometimes puts me to sleep

God for you is…

Favourite cafe
Starbucks. I'm mainstream like that.

Favourite restaurant
La Petite Maison (London)

Workday lunch is
Soup and salad

Your workout regime
I wish I had one.

Your ideal holiday
Walking the streets of New York and people watching

Your ideal dance music
Hindi film music from any era

At parties do you like to talk turkey or make PC?
I'm not sure I do any of those things at parties.

A few of your goddesses are
Meryl Streep. Only Meryl Streep.

Your motto
Don't expect. You won't be disappointed.

Karan Johar
Film maker

First Published: Apr 18 2015 | 12:17 PM IST

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