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Three for all

BSM Team  |  Mumbai 

I am planning to buy a car within a budget of Rs 30 lakh. I have considered the and Q5, but I have heard that the is a good option as well. I like Audi, and I haven’t really driven the C-Class. However, I read reviews online that state that the injectors on Audis wear out after 50,000 km. Is this true? What are the pros and cons of each of these cars? Please let me know which would be more of a value for money buy?

Saurabh Mittal, Panipat

We have done an extensive comparo between the A4, C-Class, S60 and 3-Series a few months ago, which you will find on While our conclusion is that the 3 Series is the one to buy, in case you are looking at the C-Class and A4 specifically, then we'd suggest the C. With the facelift, the C has gotten a lot of improvements and features, plus it drives much better and offers some fun behind the wheel. The A4 is a bit more spacious and more practical, though lacks the kind of charisma and charm that the C-Class has. Do remember, these cars have lots of electronics and cutting-edge mechanical parts that can wear off prematurely or not. It's very tough to predict what can go wrong, but as long as you are okay to live with the hassle (if any), then you can go ahead with it. Remember that parts, servicing and labour expenses can be on the expensive side, so account for this before going in with your buying decision.

All sedan done

I have a daily commute of 30 to 40 km in the city of Jaipur, with fortnightly 100 km trips out of the city as well. I have been driving a Maruti Esteem for the last six years and am now in search of a sedan within a budget of Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh. The car must be fuel-efficient and low maintenance too. I have been considering the and Could you recommend any other model that would better suit my requirements? Should I opt for a diesel car?

Kamesh Joshi, Jaipur

The should serve you well. It is a fuel efficient and good looking car that drives well too. And it fits within your budget. The Altis is one segment higher than the City and perhaps may not fit in your budget. If it does, then you get a reliable, quality petrol car that is also efficient for its segment. The Altis also rides quite nicely on our roads and is spacious and comfortable. Both cars are reliable and are not maintenance intensive. However if you are interested in a diesel car, you could look at the Nissan Sunny or the Renault Scala — both these cars have excellent space at the rear and the engines are fuel efficient too. These two cars are virtually identical — so you can go for the one that gives you the best deal.

Moving up

I have owned a for the last 10 years, which I now intend to get rid of. My budget is roughly Rs 4 to Rs 4.5 lakh for a car. Which car do you recommend I buy? The car will be used rather sparingly to transport myself and my family. I have my own garage and am particular about the way I maintain my cars. I would prefer a small car, as the streets are rather narrow where I live. I also would prefer a petrol or version and not a diesel.

P K Jain, New Delhi

The car that best fits your needs is the Hyundai i10 — it is compact but tall, easy to drive in the city and is of good quality too. You can also look at the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R in case you want a choice. Both of these cars suit your requirements well.

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First Published: Sat, January 19 2013. 00:21 IST