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Super viewers are willing to pay for online content

BS Reporter  |  Mumbai 

in the country has nearly doubled between 2011 and 2013. Approximately, 78 per cent of regular watch or download such as videos, television shows or movies.

However, behaviour depends on both the time-spent and the engagement of the user. Heavy (more than 120 minutes online), with a high level of dependency on their connectivity, are termed as super viewers, according to Nielsen.

The super viewer depends heavily on the digital medium for work and play. Nieslen's respondents admit that they would feel "impaired" without access to it.

Around 36 per cent of super viewers are 21-25-years of age, affluent SEC A and B. With 12 per cent or 760,000 consumers' Internet usage patterns mapped as those of super viewers', brands have a clear opportunity. (IDENTIFYING THE SUPER VIEWER)

Nielsen says the super viewers spend much of their time online on videos related to music, TV shows and movies. They prefer to download or stream videos online instead of waiting for foreign shows or movies to come to India. They download at least eight to 10 videos and three to four movie downloads every week.

Companies can connect with them in two key ways:-

Advertising: Great for FMCG retailers to support or position branded or customised video content, such as web episodes of a TV show. While 36 per cent of viewers said they would skip ads as they viewed them as irritants, 49 per cent said they would watch ads previously not seen.

Financial advertising could be a winner, given that the super viewer is conducting most financial transactions online.

Unique content: Super viewers have demonstrated a willingness to pay for their There could be a market for the broadcaster creating exclusive 'online content'. Hindi tele-serials are also an area of opportunity, connecting with an audience not yet covered.

The biggest opportunity area is English content. TV shows not available in India have a potential audience in the super viewer for paid subscription.

Today's super viewer is a good forecast of future consumer behaviour online. Leveraged correctly, the digital world is a new space waiting to be explored, and the super viewer is the compass with which to mark one's direction.

First Published: Sun, April 05 2015. 22:26 IST