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MPEDA expects marine products exports at US$ 6.6 billion in 2015-16 against US$ 5.5 billion in 2014-15

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Seafood surged 10% in 2014-15 in US$ terms

During the financial year 2014-15, of marine products reached an all-time high of US$ 5511.12 million. Marine product crossed all previous records in quantity, rupee value and US$ terms. Exports aggregated to 10,51,243 MT valued at Rs. 33441.61 crore and US$ 5511.12 million. Compared to the previous year, seafood exports recorded a growth of 6.86 % in quantity, 10.69% in rupee and 10.05 % growth in US$ earnings.

Major items of export

Frozen shrimp continued to be the major export item in the export basket in terms of quantity and value, accounting for a share of 34.01 % in quantity and 67.19% of the total US$ earnings. Shrimp exports during the period increased by 18.60%, 16% and 15.54% in quantity, rupee value and US$ value respectively. However, unit value realization decreased to 10.38 US$/Kg from 10.65 in 2013-14, a negative growth of 2.59%.

The overall export of shrimp during 2014-15 was to the tune of 3,57,505 MT worth US$ 3,709.76 million. USA is the largest market (1, 12,702 MT) for frozen shrimp exports in quantity terms followed by European Union (81,952 MT), South East Asia (69,068MT) and Japan (30,434 MT).

The contribution of cultured shrimp to the total shrimp export is 76.45% in terms of US$. The export of cultured shrimp has shown positive growth of 21.66% in quantity and 15.53% in US$ terms.

During 2014 -15 shrimp aquaculture has shown a tremendous growth (30.64%) and achieved highest production (4,34,558 MT). Production of L. Vannamei increased by 41% to 3,53,413 MT. Black Tiger production remained stagnant at 71400 MT. Scampi production increased by 32% to 7989 MT. Major shrimp producing states have shown positive growth - Andhra Pradesh 2,79,727 MT (+31%), Tamil Nadu 32,785 MT (+20%), Gujarat 30156 MT (+182%), Maharashtra 4426 MT (+113%), Orissa 22539 MT (+56.13%).

The export of Vannamei has shown positive growth of 2,22,176 MT from 1,75,071 MT and US$ 2372.80 Million from 1,994.27 million, compared to 2013-14. The export of Vannamei recorded a growth of 26.90% in quantity and 18.98% in US$ terms. About 42.77 % of total Vannamei shrimp was exported to USA followed by 20.46% to South East Asian countries, 17.45% to EU, 4.55% to Middle East and 4.18 % to Japan in terms quantity. Export of Black Tiger shrimp has picked up from negative growth during 2013-14 to a positive growth of 0.64% during 2014-15.

The downward trend in unit value realization for L.Vannamei in USA and other markets started during December 2014. The price has dropped from 7.60 US$/pound during November 2014 to 6.95 US$/pound during December 2014. The trend continued till the end of March 2015. It has recorded lowest of 5.90 US$/pound during March 2015. Hence, even though export of total shrimp increased by 18.61% in quantity, US$ realization value has recorded only 15.55% increase.

Fish, is the second largest export item, accounting for a share of about 29.44% in quantity and 11.24% in US$ earnings. Fr. Fish shown negative growth of 4.60%, 12.02% and 12.55% in terms of quantity, rupee value and US$ terms. Unit value realization of Fr., fish also decreased by 8.34%.

Fr. Cuttlefish recorded a growth of 20.09% in quantity, 32.17% in rupee value, and 31.81% in US$ terms. Unit value realization also increased by 9.76%. Export of Fr. Squid has shown negative growth of 20.44%, 26.37% and 26.27% in terms of Quantity, Rupee Value in and US$ terms. It has also shown decrease in unit value realization by 7.33%.

Dried item have shown a positive growth in terms of quantity by 3.89% and in Rupee term by 1.22%, but it has shown negative growth in US$ terms by 1.41%. Live items exports have increased by 8.03%, 6.97% and 2.25% in quantity, rupee value and US$ realization respectively compared to the previous year. Chilled items have shown 59% increase in quantity. Unit value realization reduced by more than 25%. Other items like Surimi & Analogue products have shown a growth of 14.41%, 31.75%, 29% in quantity, Rupees and US$ terms respectively.

Export of Value added products during 2014-15 has been increased to 95,436 MT from 84,549 MT with a growth of 12.88% and to 746.59 Million US$ from 634.67 Million US$ with a growth of 17.63 %. The major contributor to the export of value added item is Value Added Shrimp items with a share of 63.54% in quantity terms and 75.37% in US$ terms. EU is the biggest destination for the value added items. About 42.06% of total Value added products been exported to EU during 2014-15 in terms of quantity and 32.82% in terms of US$ followed by USA, South East Asia, Middle East, China and Japan. The share of value added products to the total export is 9.07 % in quantity terms and 13.54 % in US$ terms.

Major export markets

USA is the largest market for Indian seafood products with a share of 26.46% in terms of US$ followed by South East Asia (25.71%), European Union (20.08%), Japan (9.11%), other countries (8.58%), Middle East (6.04%) and China (4.02%).

Exports to USA had registered a growth of 16.94% in quantity and 13.39% in US$ realization and are mainly attributed to the export of Fr. Shrimp, which showed a growth of about 17.49% in volume and 12.87% in US$ terms. Exports of Vannamei shrimp showed increase in US market by 21.71 % in quantity and 15.44% in US$ realization.

Exports to South East Asian Countries have shown positive growth by 7.86%, 7.14% and 7.26% in terms of Quantity, Rupee value and US$ terms respectively.

Exports to European Union have shown growth of 7.64%, 9.56% & 9.22% in terms of Quantity, Rupee, & US$ respectively.

Export to Japan registered increase in terms of US$ by 22.23%. Export of Frozen Shrimp increased by 5.97% in quantity terms and 11.32 % in US$ terms.

Export to Middle East countries has shown good growth of 11.32%, 26.35% and 22.17% in terms of Quantity, Value and US$ terms respectively.

Export to China has decreased drastically. The export has registered negative growth of 21.46%, 23.64% and 24.45% in terms of quantity, rupee value and US dollar terms. All products including Fr. Shrimps, Fr. Fish, Fr. Squid, Fr. Cuttle Fish etc has registered negative growth. Export of L. Vannamei decreased significantly by 47.45% in quantity and 44.82% in US dollar terms. The weaker economic condition in China has lead to decrease in overall export to China.

Major Port wise Exports:

Marine products were exported through 30 different sea/air/land ports. Exports improved from Vizag, Kochi, JNP, Calcutta, Tuticorin, Krishnapatnam, and Mangalore compared to the corresponding period during the last year. Pipavav is the major port in terms of quantity (25.27%) and Vizag is the major port in terms of US$ (22.59%).

Outlook for 2015-16

Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) envisages export of marine products worth US$ 6.6 billion during the year 2015-16. Increased production of L. Vannamei shrimp, diversification of Aquaculture species particularly of Tilapia and Mangrove crab, Quality control measures and increase in infrastructure facilities for production of value added items are expected to help in achieving this target.

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First Published: Fri, July 03 2015. 11:36 IST