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Huawei backlash: China accuses US of blocking block tech development

The US says that Beijing might use Chinese tech companies to gather intelligence about foreign countries

AP/PTI  |  Beijing 


China's government on Monday accused the of trying to block its industrial development by alleging that gear is a cybersecurity threat.

And in a potential blow to the US claims, British media reported that the country's intelligence agencies have found it is possible to limit the risks of using Chinese-made networks.

The US says that might use Chinese tech to gather intelligence about foreign countries.

The US has been putting pressure on allies to shun networks supplied by Technologies, threatening the company's access to global markets for next-generation

The company, the biggest global maker of switching gear for phone and companies, denies accusations it facilitates Chinese spying. Its founder said last month it would reject any government demands to disclose confidential information about foreign customers.

The is trying to "fabricate an excuse for suppressing the legitimate development" of Chinese enterprises, said the for the Chinese foreign ministry,

Geng accused the of using "political means" to interfere in economic activity, "which is hypocritical, immoral and unfair bullying."

US Mike Pence, speaking this week in Germany, urged European allies to take seriously "the threat" he said was posed by Chinese as they look for partners to build the new

Pence said and other equipment makers provide with "access to any data that touches their network or equipment." He appealed to European governments to "reject any enterprise that would compromise the integrity of our or our national systems."

The has released no evidence to support its accusations against Huawei and other tech That has prompted some industry analysts to suggest is trying to use concerns to handicap Chinese competitors.

"has not and will not require or individuals to collect or provide foreign countries' information for the by installing backdoors or other actions that violate local laws," said Geng.

Foreign officials including a of the have expressed concern about Chinese regulations issued last year that require companies to cooperate with intelligence agencies. That has raised questions about whether they might install "backdoors" to allow Chinese authorities access to foreign networks.

However, Britain's Centre has found that the risk is manageable, according to a report by and several other British

The reports cited anonymous sources as saying that there are ways to limit cybersecurity risks, and that the U.K.'s decision would carry weight with European allies who are also evaluating the safety of their networks.

The office of British said the government is still reviewing its policies on the safety of 5G networks, and that "no decisions have been taken." The said this summer that it had concerns about the engineering and security of Huawei's networks. While not commenting Monday on the media reports, it added: "We have set out the improvements we expect the company to make.

First Published: Mon, February 18 2019. 20:31 IST