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  • 24-May-2016 | Kranti Saran

    In search of Hinduism

    Hindol Sengupta's Being Hindu: Old Faith, New World and You is a breezy and ambitious book

  • 15-Apr-2016 | Kranti Saran

    Kranti Saran: The mentality of ressentiment

    Makarand Paranjape has argued in The Indian Express that Sheldon Pollock, the editor of the Murty Classical Library generously funded by Rohan Murty, ought to be removed

  • 13-Nov-2015 | Kranti Saran

    Kranti Saran: The shifty strategy

    While you can't coerce anyone to recognise your legitimacy to speak out, nobody can deny you the self-recognition of your own legitimacy to speak

  • 25-Sep-2015 | Kranti Saran

    Kranti Saran: Sanitising 'Indian culture'

    Something needs cleansing, though not Indian culture, because there is no such thing

  • 14-Dec-2012 | Kranti Saran

    Seeking a sense of India's self

    Ananya Vajpeyi chronicles how Indian leaders and thinkers engaged with tradition to forge a