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  • 17-Apr-2019 | Manish Sabharwal & Sumita Kale

    Creating a place for poetry in business

    Entrepreneurs now require fewer mandays, fewer documents and fewer trees annually to start a business

  • 15-Sep-2016 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Time to move beyond the numbers game

    Jan-Dhan Yojana has made a significant contribution in changing the paradigm of financial inclusion in India. The focus should now shift to the challenges ahead and how financial inclusion can play a

  • 04-May-2016 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Jan-Dhan not perfect, but its progress is laudable

    The government scheme has a long way to go before its ultimate goals of universal financial inclusion and financial literacy are achieved. Yet by raising awareness and providing access to the full ran

  • 03-May-2016 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Don't undermine the strides made by Jan-Dhan

    Paucity of information regarding the progress of financial inclusion in India has been a major challenge. The situation is now changing, with data being made available online, says the writer in the f

  • 19-Feb-2015 | Probir Roy & Sumita Kale

    Probir Roy & Sumita Kale: Is big always best?

    Ideally a government should not try to shape and create markets. It should aim for minimal and efficient regulation that ensures a competitive, level playing field for all players and emphasises to consumer protection. It should create an ...

  • 12-Sep-2013 | Sumita Kale

    Understanding the Bihar model

    A compilation of essays catches the reader's interest at first glance because it talks about a state that has taken India by surprise

  • 24-Jul-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: The Fed is in the red

    Research shows the US Fed doesn't get its predictions right as often as we would like to believe

  • 03-Jul-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Govt in a hurry to do things right

    The Economic Survey 2008-09 begins starkly by saying that growth has decelerated to 6.7 per cent in 2008-09 — a decline of 2.1 per cent from the average growth of the preceding five years. But, “The five years of high growth has [sic] ...

  • 12-Jun-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Research versus teaching

    The US system of 'publish or perish' is meeting with resistance from some quarters

  • 29-May-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: The other imbalance

    A study shows happiness has declined more rapidly for women than for men in the US

  • 15-May-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Are speculators evil?

    The impact of their actions on prices is not conclusive - and overzealous regulations could add to the problem

  • 01-May-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Okonomos: The 'Olympic effect'

    Hosting the Olympics is associated with a permanent and positive rise of 30 per cent in exports

  • 20-Feb-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: The global crisis debate

    Given how economists failed to predict the crisis, getting views of non-economists is a good idea

  • 23-Jan-2009 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: The missing link

    The link between risk-taking and monetary policy is vital to avoid financial crises of the type we’re seeing.

  • 26-Dec-2008 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Soft targets

    The economic rationale to why some people agree to blow themselves up for a cause

  • 28-Nov-2008 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Will oil boil again?


  • 31-Oct-2008 | Sumita Kale

    SUMITA KALE: Spiting development


  • 03-Oct-2008 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale:From Wall Street to Main Street


  • 05-Sep-2008 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Why corruption persists


  • 11-Jul-2007 | Susmita Pratihast & Sumita Kale

    Susmita Pratihast & Sumita Kale: Healthcare expenditure

    Public expenditure on health by central and state governments rose from 1-1.2 per cent of GDP in the 1990s to stagnate at around 1.25 per cent since 2000, receiving a small boost to 1.39 per cent in

  • 16-May-2007 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Sex education in schools

    While state governments are rapidly hitting the headlines for banning sex education in schools, the raging controversy raises issues that go way beyond the actual subject. According to the Report of

  • 02-May-2007 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Salt and free choice

    In February, the Supreme Court admitted a PIL petition opposing the central government ban on the sale of non-iodised salt in the country. The ban on non-iodised salt has had a contentious history 

  • 21-Mar-2007 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Education and women

    Discrimination against women takes many forms and the problems begin before birth. Female foeticide has caused an alarming decline in the sex ratio, especially in the northern states. Implementing the

  • 21-Feb-2007 | Sumita Kale

    Sumita Kale: Wasted education

    The basic aim of education is to improve the prospects of ones livelihood, or so we have been brought up to believe. Higher education does lead to better incomes, but unfortunately, the possibility

  • 07-Feb-2007 | Silvi Kurian & Sumita Kale

    Silvi Kurian & Sumita Kale: Neglecting God`s own

    The Reproductive and Child Health Survey (RCH), 2002-04 and Facility Survey, 2003 give us valuable insights into the extent of success of the various health services providing healthcare in India and