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  • narendra modi

    September 24, 2018, Monday

    Evaluating PM Modi's strategic & economic performance: Sizzle turns fizzle

    In this book, Bharat Karnad looks inwards at the trajectory Indian politics and policymaking has followed since PM Narendra Modi ...

  • Rana Haddad

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    Rana Haddad's debut novel shows a feminist literary voice from West Asia

    Some have likened the novel's plot twists to a Shakespearean comedy but Indian readers may find this story of lost-and-found ...

  • Image2

    September 19, 2018, Wednesday

    The marketing of Coal India

    CIL, thus, practically leads a double life - under the spotlights at Mumbai and away from it in the mines that dot mostly eastern ...

  • Image2

    September 17, 2018, Monday

    Inside crazytown

    If this book has a single point to drive home, it is that the president of the United States is a congenital liar

  • Image2

    September 14, 2018, Friday

    The ascent of Big History

    Unlike conventional history, which deals with relatively small chunks of humanity divided by nation and sub nation, Big History ...

  • Image2

    September 11, 2018, Tuesday

    Democracy without democrats?

    The book covers the broad sweep of Pakistan history post 1989, but it is an insider's account of the inner workings of the army ...

  • Photo: Twitter (@harari_yuval)

    September 10, 2018, Monday

    What are the biggest problems facing us in the 21st century?

    While Harari's previous best sellers, Sapiens and Homo Deus, covered the past and future respectively, his new book is all about ...

  • book

    September 06, 2018, Thursday

    Lahore: Syncretic past, troubled present

    In recounting the more contemporary history of Lahore since Partition, Haroon Khalid also offers a sober commentary on the ...

  • book

    September 04, 2018, Tuesday

    Follies of the wise men

    A chapter on assorted kings and other leaders features a bizarre cast of characters

  • Representative image

    September 02, 2018, Sunday

    What is identity?

    Both books help explain so much more than Trump. #MeToo. White nationalism. Hindu nationalism. Black Lives Matter. Campus debates ...

  • Tibetan Caravans

    August 30, 2018, Thursday

    Central Asia's cultural crossroads

    Radhu describes how the Tibetan ruling elite in Lhasa was completely out of touch with the significant political changes taking ...

  • Books

    August 28, 2018, Tuesday

    A powerlisters' guide to success

    Since this book is based on conversations with Asia's successful entrepreneurs, the advice is relevant for Indian businessmen

  • TRUMPED-UP:  US President  Donald Trump's assault on language and on democratic values, according to Kakutani, is much more dangerous than a mere breakdown  of language

    August 25, 2018, Saturday

    The Death of Truth review: How fake US election news generated more readers

    One would have expected more literary references and a historical interpretation of what led to the Trump phenomenon

  • Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK Supremo M Karunanidhi passed away on August 7, 2018, in Chennai

    August 23, 2018, Thursday

    Tamil Nadu's politics of welfare

    The question remains, though: Why did it work so well in Tamil Nadu and not in the northern states?

  • Image2

    August 21, 2018, Tuesday

    Scams deconstructed

    This book describes interesting cases of fraud, some of which you will marvel for their ingenuity. One is the long-firm fraud, ...

  • Image2

    August 16, 2018, Thursday

    Indians, Indians everywhere

    Chinmay Tumbe's book 'India Moving - A History of Migration', the Foreword to which is written by Arvind Subramanian, former ...

  • Image2

    August 14, 2018, Tuesday

    'In the end, it all works'

    How India Works is a precise compendium of the challenges that the expat, with some pluck and understanding, can transform into ...

  • Image2

    August 12, 2018, Sunday

    The aftershocks of 2008

    One of the great strengths of Mr Tooze's book is to demonstrate the deeply intertwined nature of the European and American ...

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    August 09, 2018, Thursday

    The contents of global discontents

    A compilation of essays written by notable economists, the book spans a range of issues, from inequality to globalisation to ...

  • Image2

    August 07, 2018, Tuesday

    What our DNA foretells

    The book is brilliantly lucid in its explanations of methodology, and specific studies. It's written from a standpoint of ...