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Alok Sheel

Alok Sheel

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  • Covid-19: Beginning of the end?

    26-07-2020 21:01:00

    The pandemic appears to be receding across the board, although the possibility of a second wave cannot still be ruled out

  • Breaching the Covid 19 Maginot Line?

    07-06-2020 21:08:00

    About 90% of the global mortality was in the northerly latitudes, above roughly 30 degrees north

  • In search of the right prescription

    16-05-2020 20:46:00

    Policy predictability and an unambiguous long-term blueprint are essential for private investors

  • Lives vs livelihoods

    25-04-2020 18:56:00

    The low virus-related mortality rates for India and other tropical countries do not support the case for stringent lockdowns, which would also destroy businesses and jobs

  • The IMF's growth downgrade math

    09-02-2020 21:21:00

    India comprises just 3.2 per cent of the global economy at Market Exchange Rates, and a 1 per cent or so downgrade in its growth may appear too insignificant to impact global growth

  • Unravelling India's growth story

    28-12-2019 20:53:00

    Major structural reforms are needed to raise growth rates to the highs achieved between 2003 and 2008

  • The rise of counter-revolution

    30-11-2019 20:05:00

    The basic values on which modern civilisation rests are facing challenges across the world. How this will be resolved is one of the most pressing questions of our time

  • Growth, income, poverty and the Nobel

    25-10-2019 01:46:00

    There is good reason for caution in applying the results of randomised control trials across space and time

  • The five-trillion math

    19-10-2019 19:47:00

    Following the recent sharp dip in growth, India is likely to take another 10 years to become a $5-trillion economy - double the timeframe set by the prime minister

  • India's upcoming G20 presidency

    16-07-2019 00:12:00

    New Delhi must guard against the world's premier multilateral economic forum being hijacked by bilateralism

  • Unanswered questions about global finance

    04-06-2019 01:51:00

    While the FSB appears sanguine that the exposure of commercial banks to shadow banking has been contained, and the latter is now being monitored, it remains outside the regulatory umbrella

  • Alok Sheel: RBI and the crisis of central banking

    27-09-2015 21:47:00

    There are attempts to reconfigure the RBI's policy formulation processes. But it would need much more than monetary policy to revive animal spirits

  • Alok Sheel: For freedom and markets

    23-08-2014 21:49:00

    There is room for reiterating the case for free markets succintly, because an irrational fear of free markets still pervades civil society. This fear holds India back from realising its true potential

  • Alok Sheel: Rebooting the G20 framework

    23-07-2014 21:46:00

    Instead of targeting global imbalances per se, the narrative must change to the structure and direction of such asymmetries

  • Alok Sheel: India's three arrows - how it can fire itself back to high growth

    01-03-2014 21:50:00

    Fix agriculture to target food inflation, create labour-intensive manufacturing to target the current account deficit, and fiscal restructuring can target the infrastructure deficit