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Neelkanth Mishra

Neelkanth Mishra

Neelkanth Mishra

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  • The difficulty in spending

    10-01-2022 23:06:00

    Tax receipts are surging and markets are primed for higher state government deficits, but states are struggling to spend

  • The shovel returns

    13-12-2021 23:10:00

    Housing down-cycle shaved more than 1 per cent from growth annually for nearly a decade; it is turning now

  • The energy headwind

    08-11-2021 22:05:00

    The surge in energy prices is a concern for growth; even if temporary, a reminder of India's strategic dependence on imported energy

  • How to eat the world

    11-10-2021 23:41:00

    Should the next 5 million software engineers be hired and trained like the first 5 million?

  • Signals through the fog

    01-09-2021 22:40:00

    Logistical disruptions are pushing apparent demand away from real demand, exacerbating the bull-whip effect

  • The 150-year trend that could help

    02-08-2021 23:14:00

    Commercialisation of leisure could be the solution to many economic problems

  • Food, the switch and the wardrobe

    05-07-2021 22:37:00

    Opening up in the US may switch spending to services and wardrobe restocking, and de-stock overflowing pantries

  • How to open up?

    31-05-2021 23:17:00

    To know where to go, we must know where we are; a nation-wide seroprevalence study may cost one-hundredth of the GDP it can help save

  • The indifferent market

    09-05-2021 22:05:00

    The expectation that restrictions may last weeks and not months explains the market's apparent casual view of the pandemic

  • A virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship

    29-04-2021 00:17:00

    According to the Credit Suisse Wealth Report 2020, after stagnating for several years, the number of millionaires in India rose rapidly in the two years before the pandemic

  • The start, not the end, of Unicorn seeding

    21-04-2021 22:20:00

    Conditions are ripe in a broad range of sectors for strong growth and innovation

  • Progress comes in layers

    14-04-2021 22:06:00

    The 'Silent Transformation of India' is now maturing, creating a fertile ground for growth of new businesses

  • India's changing corporate landscape

    05-04-2021 23:07:00

    We are in the early stages of an extraordinary episode of rapid scaling up of new companies

  • Retail buys, but stake declines

    02-03-2021 23:04:00

    Retail ownership of the BSE500 has fallen from 21 per cent in 2005 to 14 per cent now despite net buying

  • A pro-growth turn in government policy

    08-02-2021 22:41:00

    The growth impact of PLI schemes could start showing up in FY22