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T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

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  • Salinger: The one-trick pony sensation

    15-01-2019 00:32:00

    The more Salinger tried to hide, the more insistent America became

  • The government-RBI game

    11-01-2019 20:40:00

    Governor Shaktikanta Das' biggest challenge is to convert the game from a non-cooperative one, which his two predecessors had made it, to a cooperative one

  • The governor and the media

    05-01-2019 00:21:00

    In India, always late to catch up, the 1980s continued along the old lines - near zero mention of the governor's name even when the RBI was being covered

  • Why should the government own the RBI?

    22-12-2018 01:30:00

    When it comes to borrowing, governments behave exactly like any private citizen, says the author

  • Dead, white, European males

    17-12-2018 23:13:00

    I wondered whether the emphasis in DWEM was to being dead, white, European or male. I asked around to find there was no unanimity

  • Sonia or Rahul Gandhi - Who's running the Congress?

    15-12-2018 11:12:00

    The word was that Mr Gandhi would have preferred the younger men. But the word now is that he was told to pipe down. One can only guess who has the authority to do so

  • BJP's Assembly election losses: Six consequences and lessons for Modi, Shah

    12-12-2018 10:57:00

    While BJP's defeats in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh were a forgone conclusion, Gujarat and Karnataka poll debacles should have brought some course correction

  • An issueless election?

    08-12-2018 01:36:00

    The risk the BJP faces now is of a low turnout in 2019 and if the RSS doesn't exert itself towards getting people to come out to vote, who knows what might happen

  • Ad hoc T-bills, anyone?

    01-12-2018 01:40:00

    In 1994, the government had decided to stop borrowing via what, since 1955, had been known as ad hoc treasury bills

  • Amis and the 'Great' miss

    20-11-2018 00:07:00

    One reason Amis will not be one of the "Greats" is that people mistook his characters' attitudes to be his own and assumed that the story in each book was about himself

  • A short history of RBI's turbulent relationship with the government

    18-11-2018 08:14:00

    In 1979, a Special Secretary in the finance ministry called Manmohan Singh would give a sharp rap on the RBI's knuckles for not consulting the government over some issue

  • The more things change…

    10-11-2018 00:48:00

    Recounting the tussle between the RBI and the government over the former's reserves which happened 32 years ago in 1986

  • A fraught relationship

    02-11-2018 21:31:00

    It is a peculiar older brother, younger brother relationship in which a soft word from the older brother is all that is needed to persuade the latter

  • RBI vs govt: No Governor since 1935 seems to have understood 'independence'

    01-11-2018 12:05:00

    It might be a good idea to remind the Governors of Montagu Norman's view that the relationship between the government and the central bank should be that of a 'Hindoo marriage'

  • The government and its universities: Ensuring teachers' accountability

    28-10-2018 08:47:00

    Ensuring attendance is important but the govt must not curb voices from the teaching community that are critical of the govt