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T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan

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  • Modiji, change the mood

    03-07-2020 20:25:00

    Unlike Mrs Gandhi, Mr Modi doesn't have to worry about his party, not yet. But he does have to worry a little bit about a war with China

  • The art of travel reading

    22-06-2020 22:50:00

    The market for travelogues in the West is well established. In India it's still struggling because 99 per cent of those who travel can't write or even know what good travel writing is

  • The coming economic war with China

    20-06-2020 01:27:00

    Within the next three years or so we are likely to see a massive reversal of the economic openness that was fostered after the end of the Second World War in 1945

  • Line and length: Indian capital is an orphan, and so is Indian labour

    13-06-2020 08:20:00

    India is a textbook example of a contradiction of Hegelian proportions: a highly desirable liberal political world view that has led to highly undesirable and utterly illiberal economics

  • Modi, Williamson and Alesina

    05-06-2020 22:06:00

    Williamson and Alesina were both economists who offered insights that India must follow over the next two decades. If it doesn't, it can resign itself to its current low-grade economic status.

  • Alberto Alesina, RIP: One of the best economists of the last generation

    01-06-2020 07:35:00

    Alesina was to post-1945 political economy what Einstein was to physics

  • The intellectual comfort blanket

    23-05-2020 00:45:00

    Many professional Indian economists today, as well as others who know some economics, also now have such a blanket

  • Acid in the funny bone

    18-05-2020 23:13:00

    I thought of all the books I had thought were funny and I think I have a clear idea now: Humour in print has to be cruel to be funny

  • The inevitability of classical economics

    09-05-2020 00:31:00

    What we came to regard as 'the normal' was anything but normal because the state, like nature, wasn't in the business of compassion and equity

  • How to make scale irrelevant

    01-05-2020 22:18:00

    Is scale intrinsic to declining marginal cost? Can an inversion be achieved?

  • The Yossarian method

    25-04-2020 00:07:00

    While calls for lifting the lockdown are perfectly logical, they lead to the wrong solution

  • Coronavirus: Separating logic, data and self-evident truths

    15-04-2020 10:57:00

    If you don't know the details, it's best to keep quiet until you find out

  • The adventures of Wyndham and Surrender-not

    13-04-2020 23:43:00

    A few years ago, most pleasingly as it has turned out, have come the historical crime novels situated in India

  • An unhealthy practice

    11-04-2020 01:07:00

    It is generally put out that even though the health of the head of the government is a matter of national interest, it should not be a matter of national debate

  • Covid-19: Ending the tyranny of scale?

    03-04-2020 21:20:00

    Scale became critical because of steadily increasing capital intensity that the new technologies engendered