Google to delete inactive Gmail accounts, here's how to save your account

The popular messaging account Gmail is going to delete inactive accounts. Here's how you can save your account

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Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi

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Gmail has become an integral part of our daily life. Google's messaging system arrived in 2004, and since then, it has become one of the best platforms for official and non-official conversations.

According to a report published in MARCA, Google has decided to delete millions of email accounts. Every year, millions of new subscribers create a Gmail account, and many of those emails are created for one-time use and then fall into oblivion.

As soon as the news erupted, it raised concerns among users for fear of having their accounts deleted.

What kind of accounts will be deleted?

To free up space on servers and strengthen the security of other users, Google has decided to delete accounts.

As per the MARCA report, targeted accounts are those that have not been used for two years, so if any account is inactive for this period, that would be gone.

According to Google, abandoned accounts are easy targets for hackers and fraudsters. Gmail messages that users receive contain many spam messages on a daily basis, reported MARCA.

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Another reason for deleting accounts is that inactive accounts consume space, so each deleted account opens an opportunity to open a new account.

How to save your Gmail account?

The simplest and easiest way to do that is to reactivate your account. Just to the inbox section and send an email from your inactive account. 

Here are the other alternatives:
  • Connect your Gmail account with other Google-owned applications, like Youtube.
  • Connect your account with the Play Store and download any application.
  • Login to your Gmail account and give it Google Drive access.
  • Go to your email and sign it or send any mail.
  • Connect your inactive account with Google and search for something on Google.

First Published: Jun 2 2023 | 12:40 PM IST

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