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This Japanese startup lets you earn money by selling your old school notes

It is very similar to how Amazon recommends products, reports Tech in Asia

Tim Romero | Tech in Asia 

I spoke with Go Arai, CEO of Arcterus, a that is trying to help learn more effectively. It is a platform that allows to share their study with other and then profit from it. 

How does your platform match with  

“The basic approach is that [we take into account] the background of the and what kind of they have and what kind of textbook they use at school.

“[It’s] very similar to how recommends products. Someone who bought the product also bought this product.”

How are you appealing to users? 

“We directly communicate to our users. For example, in Japan, the only way we communicate to our users is only through and maybe through App Store and We don’t do any paid marketing and we don’t do in Japan, as middle school and high school in Japan don’t do Facebook, but are heavily on

“Another important channel is word of mouth.”

Your customers are going to graduate and stop using your product. How do you combat that?

“The number of users goes down when they are getting to universities. Ideally, the longest term that the users will use [the platform] is six years (from seventh grade to twelfth). So, what we’re going to do is to provide subjects […] [that are not] very much focused to schools but other certificates like CPAs and certificates for lawyers that are very standardized throughout the country.”

What’s your approach in entering new markets?

“Clear started in Japan. We then went to Thailand, Taiwan, China, and [recently] we launched in Indonesia. In each country, we have part-time team members and we have a lot of university in our marketing teams.”

This is an excerpt from the article published on Tech In Asia. You can read the full article here

First Published: Mon, June 05 2017. 15:33 IST