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What is Acne? - Avoiding and Treating Acne and Pimples Naturally

Acne can be described as a dermatological disorder which results in blocked and clogged pores, lumps, pimples and cysts on the face, neck, back and other parts of the body.

Anurag Khare 

Acne can be described as a dermatological disorder which results in blocked and clogged pores, lumps, pimples and cysts on the face, neck, back and other parts of the body. The condition in itself is not very threatening but in some cases it may result in permanent scaring. Acne is most commonly found in teenagers but it is not limited to any age group. Although rare but even adults in the forties can get affected by acne. In a majority of cases the acne goes away by the early twenties but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be treated early or that they don’t require treatment. Getting rid of acne and pimples which is also a form of acne is quite high on the list of things to do for many adolescents and teenagers. Pimples mostly occur during the teenage years due to and other factors. 85% of people between the age of 12 and 25 will experience acne in some form or other.

Acne Causes and Prevention
There are many myths associated with acne and what causes it. The most prevalent ones are that acne is caused due to poor hygiene, and stress, all of this is not true. The primary reason for acne in teenagers is in the body during puberty. Although researchers haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact one cause of what causes acme but there are definite pointers. According to some researchers, the primary causes of acne are hormones and genetics, but this cannot account for every case. Other factors such as medication, cosmetics, and chemicals may also be the reason for acme. These reasons may either be primary factors or may act as catalyst for acne breakout. Hormones secreted during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even can also cause acne in women. Some of the best tips to prevent acne outbreaks are to avoid using alcohol based skincare products and cosmetics, avoid over-washing and constant touching of the face and affected area, showering after exercising or perspiring and more.

Acne Home Remedies
Treatment for acne may range from such as antibiotic, ointments to surgery in extreme cases. But there are some simple ways and methods to treat and avoid acne naturally which are:

Keep the face cleanWashing the face with a good and gentle face wash especially if one has oily skin can help prevent and reduce pimple and acne. Washing removes sweat and dirt that clog skin pores and increase bacteria. But overdoing this can be counterproductive, cleaning the face twice a day is recommend.

Drink plenty of water Drinking plenty of water will keep the skin hydrated and the body detoxified this will help reduce and prevent acne and pimples.

Increase intake of fruits and vegetables Increase consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants. Junk food and food items that have excessive saturated fats increases oil content of the skin which then provides a perfect environment for pimples and acne to thrive on.

Good amount of sleepLack of sleep stresses the body and the skin which in-turn results in enhanced production of the hormone Cortisol, which worsens acne and pimple outbreaks.

Picking and squeezingAvoid the pimples and acne to treat them as this will only push the bacteria deeper within the skin layers and spread the acne and pimples.

Natural remedies for treatment of acne and pimples also include cleaning and removing dead skin cells using cotton and rose water, applying garlic juice or applying orange peel paste.

First Published: Wed, November 15 2017. 13:36 IST