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Answers to the Strategist quiz (#506)

Strategy Quiz (#506) answers

Gaurav Sai Krishna 

1. Connect German philosopher Freidrich Nietzsche, George Bernard Shaw, Adolf Hitler, co-creator of comic book character Superman to a term which is a brand worth $60-billion plus.

Uber. Nietzsche and Shaw helped the crossover of the term from German to English. Hitler and Jerry Siegel (co-creator of Superman) used it too to imply irresistibility, invincibility or superiority

2. A few years ago this international brand temporarily changed signs at select stores across Australia after the affectionate nickname given to it. This move was a first such one globally for this company. Recently it set global precedence by recruiting employees through Snapchat. Name it.

McDonald’s Australia. It changed its name to MACCAS in celebration of Australia Day, on January 26, 2013

3. The founder of this company lived with his mother until her death. She used to read him to sleep at night with newspaper articles about the latest experiments of aviation pioneers like Octave Chanute to German Otto Lilienthal. His first experiments were box kites which he sold for 25 cents each. He found novel ways to harness the wind by propelling himself on ice skates and bicycles. He founded his company in 1912 and it survives even today. Name him.

Glenn L Martin. His company is now part of Lockheed Martin

4. Connect Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie and Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets and what do you arrive at?

A chicken nugget-obsessed teen in Nevada could break a Twitter record after taking on a Wendy’s challenge to get 18 million retweets in exchange for a year’s supply of free nuggets. The most retweeted post of all time: Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, which clocked 3.2 million

5. In 1999 when the Indian Airlines plane IC814 was hijacked after it took off from Kathmandu and finally landed in Kandahar, there was a very important businessman on board whose company controls about 90 per cent of global currency. The release of the terrorists by India was also attributed to the power this person wields. Name him.

Roberto Giori, owner of the Lausanne-based company De La Rue Giori, which happens to control 90 per cent of the world’s currency-printing business

6. In the business world for whom is the buzzword “Snowplows” used?

The early adopters of a new business or technology are called Snowplows. They help sort out kinks or defects arising out of it

7. Who wrote the book “How to Steal a Million”? All of the royalty from the book was donated to a children’s clinic by the author.

Sergey Alexandrovich Pavlovich, also known as Police Dog, panther [757], Fallen Angel, diplomaticos

8. It is believed Chennai man Iniyavan and president of Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union Rajamani Iyer came up with the concept of a day dedicated to __ and officially, March 30 was chosen as the World __ Day.

World Idli Day

9. For FY2017 what is the significance of this amount of Rs 27,157 crore?

The highest ever dividend paid in India by a company. Hindustan Zinc Limited declared this dividend via an interim and final dividend call

10. Name the brand from its logo.

Dodge Demon. A car brand owned now by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

One lucky winner will receive a cheque for Rs 2,000. Send your entries to All entries must carry the postal address of the contestant.

Last date for receiving entries: April 21 till 8 pm. Previous winners and employees of Business Standard and their families are not eligible to participate.

The winner is chosen on the basis of the first correct entry received.

There were four correct entries to quiz No 506. The winner is Aurolina Jena from Bhubaneswar

First Published: Wed, April 19 2017. 23:37 IST