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JBL E45BT headphones deliver quality sound wirelessly, at affordable price

For Rs 6,499, the E45BT offers crisp sound signature with boosted lows and highs, but it fails to match predecessor E55BT in overall satisfaction

Rahul Saha  |  New Delhi 

on ear headphones
JBL E45BT Bluetooth headphones

When it comes to premium audio accessories, is considered a trusted name, but the sound quality delivered by its new product – the on-ear – appears impressive, too, especially for a price of Rs 6,499. Joining the company's E-Series line-up, the Bluetooth-enabled promises to deliver amazing sound and comfort at an price point. But does it fully live up to it?

Business Standard reviewed the and here are our observations on key parameters:

Design: Durable & compact

The is available in matte black, blue, red, teal and white colour options. It has soft ergonomic ear pads, and a less padded but comfortable fabric headband. The design looks neat. The grilles covering the 40mm driver in each ear cup are labelled L and R. The ear cups swing at the connection point to the headband and also fold inwards.

inside of ear cups headphone ear cups denoting L & R

While the E55BT feels comfortable and the ear cups cover the ear perfectly, the band is a bit small and leaves cups on the ear which may feel a little uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of use.

Each ear cup extends to 5 levels of fits. Because of the small form factor, the band is felt on the head even at the maximum extension. The lack of padding around the headband can irritate after a while.

The power switch, pairing button, a multifunction button for controlling playback, as well as call management and plus-minus buttons for volume controls seem awkwardly placed on the outer panel of the right ear cup.

L & R ear cups the outer panel of the ear cups

On the right panel is a connection for the headphone cable, and a pinhole microphone. Inserting the cable automatically disconnects to save the battery. The volume levels work in sync with the playing device's master levels which can be a problem at times. Also, combining the volume buttons and track navigation is annoying; it may end up skipping the track if you hold the button for a bit too long.

The left ear cup's outer panel houses a micro USB charging port.

Performance: Decent sound with clarity

The deliver a strong low-frequency punch on tracks with intense sub-bass content without distorting the drivers.

At moderate volume levels, the lows are good and nicely matched with some crisp mid-high and high-frequency output. The don’t sound highly thunderous on heavily bass-boosted songs and the music is produced with good overall clarity.

A track with less deep bass in the mix gives a better sense of the audio’s sound signature. The lows are full and receive beautiful bass depth. The drums have a little extra thump and the vocals are clear with nice contour. The acoustic guitar tones are well sculpted with good highs, mid-highs and lows. The also provide decent noise isolation, enhancing the overall experience. The played out Pink Floyd’s ‘Division Bell’ album seamlessly with great proficiency.

Hans Zimmer’s musical excellence in the movie ‘Interstellar’ also played with great grandeur and immense clarity on the

Wired E45BT wired with a single-sided detachable cable, which comes in the package

The sound feels premium when wired with a single-sided detachable cable, which comes in the package. After a few equaliser tweaks, you are good to go. The bass feels punchy and the highs and lows sound perfect, but the premium sound output may appear a bit lacking when played via

The allows you to connect your devices seamlessly, though the NFC feature of the Sony XB650BT, priced in the same range, is absent in these

The last 15 hours on a single charge, but this could vary depending on volume levels. Also, the product gets completely powered up in just two hours because of its rapid-charge ability.

Verdict: Premium and but not unique

JBL headphones A great addition to the line-up

For Rs 6,499, the offer a crisp sound signature with boosted lows and highs. The product is a great addition to the line-up of but when it comes to overall satisfaction, predecessor E55BT at almost the same price point could be a better option.

First Published: Fri, November 24 2017. 14:21 IST