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This AI-backed personal assistant is all you need to get your work done

The Haptik app uses artificial intelligence, machine learning to deliver quick, precise results

Khalid Anzar  |  New Delhi 

Haptik Photo: Official website

On a regular day, you often tend to forget little but important things, and that sometimes even puts you in a spot. Don’t you sometimes wish you had a companion to remind you of your to-do list, assist you in your and get all your work done? And what if such an assistant was a digital companion doing all your chores with little expectations for reciprocation? How about a device, service or app in which you could dump all your and rest assured that the work would be done? 

If you do a little bit of scanning of the few truly useful ones, including Apple’s digital assistant ‘Siri’ and Google’s Assistant, you come across this indigenous app ‘Haptik’, which makes things simpler and works exactly the way you wanted.

Haptik, a personal assistant app, is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app provides a service that can get things done for you. Initially, I had a few inhibitions about the app but as I started using it, I realised how precise it was and how convenient life could be with at the helm to assist in day-to-day life.

This highest-rated app in India makes use of human augmented intelligence to get everyday jobs done using chat as the underlying interface. The app uses artificial intelligence, natural language process and to deliver results quicker and in a comprehensive way.

Here are the services that the app covers:

(Click on the services to see how it works)

As the app uses chat-based interface backed by with at the core, the overall app experience is fairly simple and it keeps on improving every day.

Here are some of the app screens to make you familiar with the capabilities of the app:

Haptik app
app screenshot

Haptik app screenshot
app screenshot

Haptik app screenshot
app screenshot

Haptik app screenshot
app screenshot

For those looking for a digital assistant to get their things done with some precision, this a must-try app. 

PS: The app is addictive.