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  • Shankar Acharya

    2017: A year of troublesome twins Shankar Acharya

    These are likely to continue to be challenges for the economy in the coming year

  • Kanika Datta

    Catching up with sexual harassment Kanika Datta

    In India, 70 per cent of women said they did not complain for fear of reprisals, according to a survey this year by the Indian Bar Association

  • Somasekhar Sundaresan

    SC's wake-up call with bail law Somasekhar Sundaresan

    The abolition of grant of bail without hearing govt's position, and requirement to satisfy court that accused is not guilty, has become so rampant that it has now found place even in basic company law

  • Devangshu Datta

    Will December be the month for bears? Devangshu Datta

    The number of investible stocks has increased but investment inflows have increased much faster

  • Shyam Saran

    Babri recall: A million mutinies Shyam Saran

    Unless we put the Constitution at the centre of our political discourse, we are likely to reap a bitter harvest

  • Ajay Chhibber

    Budget FY19: Time to reboot Ajay Chhibber

    The time to tread water will come next year in the run-up to 2019 elections

  • M J Antony

    Fundamental rights and wrongs M J Antony

    While the Supreme Court marched forward in law, this year was marred by some unsavoury episodes

  • Vinayak Chatterjee

    Freight rolling stock needs revamp Vinayak Chatterjee

    Railway upgrade should embrace new generation wagons by involving the private sector

  • Mahesh Vyas

    Benefits of fast-frequency economic data Mahesh Vyas

    BSE-CMIE-UMich consumer sentiment index is not much in variance with RBI survey. While latter shows 4.6% fall in urban current situation in Nov over Sep, the former shows 2.7% fall

  • Akash Prakash

    An extended cycle? Akash Prakash

    The bulls may be justified in their optimism, but a sharp global correction is on the cards in 2018

  • Shreekant Sambrani

    Anti-politics Shreekant Sambrani

    The Gujarat election is being covered and its results analysed even before they are announced as if it decided the nation's fate

  • Anjuli Bhargava

    The politician versus the mother Anjuli Bhargava

    At what stage does one stop being a politician and begin being a mother?

  • Devangshu Datta

    Lens on central bank policy statements Devangshu Datta

    Technically speaking, the market saw a sharp correction that set up a pattern of lower lows. This could indicate further weakness especially since foreign portfolio investors are likely to be net sell

  • TNC Rajagopalan

    Only two broad changes in FTP TNC Rajagopalan

    The FTP, a notification with statutory force, is simultaneously issued, with a Handbook of Procedures

  • Asish K Bhattacharyya

    Independent directors - are they decision-makers? Asish K Bhattacharyya

    The Companies Act provides immunity to independent directors only in exceptional cases; the recent SC decision on Jaypee is a wake-up call