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Reuters Breakingviews

Ending austerity?

01 Mar 2015

Europe can afford to cut Greece some slack

Fare is fair

01 Mar 2015

US airlines throwing stones from glass hangars

Shrinking feeling

27 Feb 2015

RBS turnaround enters critical period

The tide

27 Feb 2015

Disinflation is steelier than German metalworkers

Chinese burn

26 Feb 2015

Australia's property market joins closed-door club

Dumb and decent

26 Feb 2015

Asian telco IPOs show investors still yield-hungry

This is not a bailout

25 Feb 2015

Reforms helping Greece might hurt Syriza

Two steps forward, one back

25 Feb 2015

JPMorgan optimism reinforces industry mediocrity

Shades of green

24 Feb 2015

China takes least useful polluters to the cleaners


24 Feb 2015

Piketty meets pragmatism in Singapore tax hike

Bumpy flight

23 Feb 2015

Dividend shocker puts Lufthansa aerobatics to test

Hell's kitchen

23 Feb 2015

Trustbusters cook up simpler way to fry food deal

The trouble with carry

22 Feb 2015

FX traders will find cheap funding hard to exploit

Delta trading

22 Feb 2015

Nigeria's currency still looks vulnerable

Greeks bearing shifts

20 Feb 2015

Greek wordplay paves way for bigger U-turn

Shark tank

20 Feb 2015

Barclays dark pool gadfly mixes sharks and minnows

Too big to assail?

19 Feb 2015

HSBC suffers a third dose of reputational risk

Oil washed up

19 Feb 2015

Crude rout lays bare Big Oil's opportunity deficit

Anxiety attacks

18 Feb 2015

Indonesia rate flip flop shows Asia price worries

Untimely succession

18 Feb 2015

Japan Post pays $5.1bn for global expansion stamp

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Vision statement unlikely to boost corporate earning

Markets will find it hard to justify stretched valuations in the face of single-digit earnings growth

Will the Budget deliver big bang reforms?

Economic Survey rules out need for such reforms; analysts believe fiscal tightening, rural stress and political debacle might be restrictive


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