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  • Mitali Saran

    Mitali Saran: Cowboys and Indians - a short clip Mitali Saran

    There may always be unbridgeable belief gaps, but there will also always be the common belief that this is a country worth fighting about

  • Premvir Das

    Premvir Das: India still needs Russia Premvir Das

    In terms of acquiring indigenous defence capabilities, the gap between what comes from Russia, and from all others put together, is huge

  • Shyamal Majumdar

    Shyamal Majumdar: When meetings become your only work Shyamal Majumdar

    India Inc's busy bees should stop treating back-to-back meetings as some kind of a macho badge of honour

  • Bibek Debroy

    Bibek Debroy: Gauging the problem Bibek Debroy

    The key to running a successful railway network lies not in standardisation of gauge, but in the interoperability and effective use of technology

  • Bhupesh Bhandari

    Bhupesh Bhandari: Telecom wars 2.0 Bhupesh Bhandari

    The last time Mukesh Ambani entered mobile telephony some 14 years ago, there were serious fireworks largely over interpretation of rules and guidelines. It promises to be the same now as Ambani readies for his second foray. This time too, before ...

  • Shankar Acharya

    Shankar Acharya: BoP - Beware complacency Shankar Acharya

    The crisis two years ago was in the making for several years

  • A V Rajwade

    A V Rajwade:: Monetary transmission, base rates and ALM A V Rajwade

    The transmission of monetary policy signals to the real economy has been poor in recent years even in the advanced industrial economies despite the sophistication of their financial markets

  • Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Technology, the god with clay feet Kanika Datta

    Technology is back in the political pantheon as the leading deity to be invoked to rid the country of centuries of poverty and backwardness. First, it was Rajiv Gandhi, who worshipped at its altar with his Technology Missions. Now it is Narendra ...

  • Farhad Manjoo

    Farhad Manjoo: Twitter's 'Moments' will try to tame the chaos Farhad Manjoo

    The microblogging site's new feature attempts to transform its chaotic timeline into a series of narratives that are easily navigated by people who aren't indoctrinated into the service's strange ritu

  • Shyam Saran

    Shyam Saran: The diminishing idea of India Shyam Saran

    If we value India, we must not only 'Make in India', but defend the idea of India, too

  • M J Antony

    M J Antony: Cyber waves in judiciary M J Antony

    Some courts take faltering steps into the digital world, but many lag behind

  • Rahul Khullar

    Rahul Khullar: Look beyond the usual suspects Rahul Khullar

    Rather than high domestic absorption, large budgetary deficits and an overvalued exchange rate, it is domestic policy distortions and inaction to correct them that lead to huge current account deficit

  • Subir Roy

    Subir Roy: Is it a serious climate pledge? Subir Roy

    India's willingness to fall in line with other major world economies and announce pledges to combat climate change has produced a global sigh of relief. But India's contributory effort is conditional on both finance and technology being forthcoming ...

  • Mihir S Sharma

    Mihir S Sharma: Festivals and bookshops Mihir S Sharma

    We are into October, and there is the faintest chill in the air of an evening. The festival season approaches - the season, that is, of literature festivals. There are now dozens of them across India, and even a few that exist only online. We have ...

  • Ajit Balakrishnan

    Ajit Balakrishnan: California dreaming Ajit Balakrishnan

    Silicon Valley is at the heart of the transformation of the global economy - which has both winners and losers

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