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What is the Limca Book of Records?

Limca Book of Records

About Limca Book of Records

What is the Limca Book of Records?

Launched in India in 1990, Limca Book of Records (LBR), an Indian equivalent of Guinness Book of World Records, focuses on the unique achievements of Indians across the country and abroad.
The record book celebrates the accomplishments of Indians in diverse fields of human endeavour across the globe and is a source of inspiration, especially for the country’s youth.
It is published under the patronage of Coca-Cola India, which manufactures the soft drink known as 'Limca'.
Limca Book of Records recognises achievements such as firsts, discoveries, inventions, honours, and awards.
The current editor of Limca Book of Records is Vatsala Kaul Banerjee.
Limca Book of Records refers to an annual reference book published in the country documenting world records which are further categorised into education, literature, medical science, agriculture, defence, sports, nature, radio, adventure, cinema and business according to the Limca Book of Records rules.
The record book, published annually in English, is an extension of the Limca brand.
In addition to featuring records, LBR has also been honouring 'People of the Year' for their individual achievements since 1992. A panel of judges selects people who consistently contribute to 'Indian excellence'.
Eligibility Criteria
Entry into the LBR is subject to compliance with the Terms and Conditions (T&C) and guidelines applicable to each type of record attempt. People who seek to break or set a record must go through the following conditions and sign the disclaimer form in order to be considered for inclusion in the Limca Book of Records.
— The candidate should be a resident of India
— Before undertaking the attempt, a participant must have read and consented to the T&C and must have signed and submitted the disclaimer form
— Candidate must come under in one of the three specified age groups, as specified below, and conform to the eligibility criteria of that particular age group and each attempt must be validated by a valid proof of age:
Age Group I – Up to 13 years
Age Group II – Above 13 years and up to 18 years
Age Group III – Above 18 years
LBR accepts two kinds of attempts; an attempt to break a previously-existing record; and an attempt to set a new record.
It is mandatory for a participant to abide by all local, state and national laws, rules and regulations applicable in relation to the attempt. Limca Book of Records prohibits any kind of attempt that involves a violation of any law or regulation. Participants are under an obligation to ensure that all activities related to the attempt, are neither unlawful nor against any public morality and decency.
It is also important to note that the LBR discourages attempts that offend the sentiments of any religion or community or cause harm to the public or animals, or cause any damage to the environment.

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