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My Life My Style: Zeba Kohli

'Eat less, chew more'

Weekend Team  |  New Delhi 

Zeba Kohli

Best work moment
Every moment is my best moment at work. I focus completely in this moment passionately but the most memorable moment which was the first I made a presentation to the on Jeju Island, Korea, on the Indian Industry Fluorochemicals business.

Books on your bedside
The book gifted to me by called The Laws of Sprit World, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Time, Forbes, National Geographic and Top Gear are usually on my side table.

Massage or workout to de-stress

Meditation yoga in the mornings and power yoga in the evenings with my family completely relaxes me and laughter is the best thing ever! Isn’t stress only a state of mind?

Designs that’ve caught your eye recently
Everything that makes me smile! I love humour in design, I love the recent Bisleri ad done by Elsie and I love the Maruti ad “Kitna deti hai?”

Your IT tools
Love and laughter and a compact work-friendly mobile phone.

Favourite spirit
The spirit of positivity and masti and a good stout now and then!

Favourite wine
Everything that my friend tells me is good.

Favourite champagne

Your sleeping ritual
Watching news and winding down! (I hear it’s not the way to sleep but it works for me)

Favourite TV show
Arnab Goswami’s, The Foodie, and car and sports shows

Best gift received/given?
My two children

Favourite cuisine
I love regional and local preparation of foods and desserts accompanied with the local beverages. I love to try exotic dishes except if they involve creepy crawlies.

What food items do you like to shop for?
All of them! Can one ever choose? Though unfortunately I am partial to fat foods! I love shopping for breads, jams, butter, caviar, foie gras, cakes, chocolates, tarts, sandwiches, desserts, phew!

On a plane do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?
Sleep, read and maybe see a movie. I love chatting with the flight attendants too.

Fancy coffee or masala tea
I drink the water of life mostly but I love south Indian filter coffee and Assam tea.

What do you cook on your day off?
Biryani of any kind

Do you fill customer feedback forms?
Yes, cause it’s so nice to oblige the person who is keen to serve.

What’s your fragrance?
Musky and sensuous

You get your work clothes from
Anywhere they fit as I am too tall!

The shoemaker you trust your sole with?
I have large-size feet, so again any that fits! I love knee-high boots, though.

Your favorite evening wear?

What’s your weekday breakfast like? And weekend?
Every day is tea, fruit and coconut water with oats thrown in occasionally.

In the car, is it sleep or cell for you?
Hardcore cell to get my work done!

God for you is…

Favourite café:
The one that serves a mean burger, great salads and an awesome skinny pizza.

Workday lunch is
Ghar ka dabba

Your workout regime
Yoga and walks

Your ideal holiday
Anywhere with my family; can be Pune and Panchgani or Macau and Chiang Mai. We always have a great

Your ideal dance music
Hip hop.

At parties do you like to talk turkey or make PC?
I like to mingle and laugh.

Alpha males you know
I seem to be surrounded by them!

Your favorite motto
Fear Less, hope more/ Eat less, chew more/ Talks less, say more/ Hate less, love more/ And all good things will be yours


Zeba Kohli
Chocolatier and entrepreneur

First Published: Sat, September 01 2012. 00:45 IST