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The future of digital advertising

Deep Malhotra 

CHIME* go his he wears his Google Glass to receive the incoming call. He screens the phone number by glancing at the display, taps on the touchpad and selects Accept. He hears the words "Please get here fast. We need you here in 15 minutes." The voice on the other end sounds very urgent. He ends the call, wears his jacket and picks up his sling bag pack, that has 'digital whiz' written on it, and gets on the super fast Mumbai Metro to reach his destination - to meet the brand head who just called him, to save 'the brand!"

The glass door opens and we see him facing a big conference room filled with people looking towards him as someone who can save them from the doomsday ahead. The presentation, delivered by a worried-looking brand assistant, is on the problems faced in the launch strategy of the brand that targets 15-30 year olds.

All are looking towards the digital saviour for the solution. He gets up and says, we are not reaching out to our target audience through the right media. He lays down the ground rules to utilise the digital media to its optimum level:

  • Smaller the screen, smaller the attention span: You don't just replicate your detailed media message on digital media. Leverage your existing content from television by extending your conversation on digital.

  • The right combination is important for the perfect taste: Don't think of a medium in isolation. Mix digital with offline media: it works best for a great high in reach and ROI.

  • Know which digital alcohol to use for what drink: Search gets you the people who are searching for the solution through your product, while social media influences the fence-sitters, and video can help increase engagement with the brand. Integration of social media platforms with mobile-based messengers can encourage users to be hooked on to your brand.

  • Don't do video just because it is sexy: It is important to have a video with good content, preferably humorous, rather than having a good-looking video. Try delivering the message with humour, it goes a long way virally.

  • Don't be uptight on digital: A brand needs to have its values, but it needs to be human online - you need to open up. Digital is a great medium to help you get feedback from your customers directly . Usually, how viral the review or comment about your brand will go depends on how negative it is. It is important to address the negatives voiced by your customers online by your communication team first. Hiring an online communication manager will help in fixing such situations quicker.

The author is Deep Malhotra, managing partner, Gemini New Media Ventures. Re-printed with permission. Link: https://www. linkedin. com/ pulse/ article/20140423071241-710523-how-we-will-sell-digital-advertising-in-india

First Published: Mon, November 10 2014. 00:05 IST