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The Strategist quiz #640

The Strategist quiz #640

Gaurav Sri Krishna 

1. Connect the Aurora Borealis phenomenon with a popular Internet tool/product and what do you arrive at?

2. Every year on a particular day in February this state in India celebrates the bus day. EG Salter was responsible for it 77 years ago. Name state and mention the reason..

3. Whose famous quote is this: "The Hot line which used to connect the Kremlin with the white House, has been replaced by the Help line, which connects everyone in America to call centres in Bangalore?"

4. Way back in the mid-2000s in the Indian market, chocolate chip cookies were launched using an Australian cricketer's name. Who was he?

5. Name this entity that was founded in the late 1920s to carry mail between the US and Cuba.

6. Connect a Chinese car manufacturer and the TX4, a purpose-built taxicab and what to you arrive at?

7. When Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5 in 1999, what was created or supported for the first time?

8. The Namiki Manufacturing Company is better known as what now?

9. One of this brand's latest ad films is titled "Act of God", name it.

10. This is one of the first logos of a global brand. Name it.


One lucky winner will receive a cheque for Rs 2,000. Send your entries to All entries must carry the postal address of the contestant. Last date for receiving entries is November 19 till 8 pm. Previous winners and employees of Business Standard and their families are not eligible to participate. The winner is chosen on the basis of the first correct entry received.

There was an inadvertent error due to which answers to number 639 were published below the questions in the November 11 issue. Thus that edition of the stands cancelled. The error is regretted

First Published: Sun, November 17 2019. 20:47 IST