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Best of BS Opinion: BJP's next Ram Mandir, economic slowdown, and more

Here's a selection of Business Standard Opinion pieces for the day

Alokananda Chakraborty 


From how the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the National Register of Citizens are the BJP's next Ram Mandir to why massive illegal immigration, domestic abuse and child labour continue to thrive across parts of the world, here's a selection of Business Standard pieces for the day. Alokananda Chakraborty sums up. Jinnah's two-nation theory is not what India's founders wanted their secular republic to be, writes Shekhar Gupta. Read on We are very near a financial emergency of the Article 360 type.

Very nearly, because the only ones not suffering income decline are current and former employees of the government, writes TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan. Click here to read Over ghar ka khana, JJ Valaya tells K S Shekhawat what he did over his two-year sabbatical. Read on Devangshu Datta decodes fugitive Nithyananda's Kailaasa. Click here to read


''We must not close our eyes and ears. When people are being verbally abused, humiliated or isolated... we have to stand up" German Chancellor Angela Merkel before Auschwitz survivors at a building in the Nazi death camp where prisoners were stripped naked, disinfected and made to wear uniforms

First Published: Sat, December 07 2019. 07:28 IST