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IIT-JEE 2011 top ranker from Kota, Rajasthan

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Nearly 4.75 lakh students who appeared for the Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) for the crème de la crème of engineering institutes of the World, the Indian Institutes of Technology, waited with bated breath for their results on Wednesday. It is common to remember the top ranker but very few remember the second ranker. It is also worth appreciating the efforts of the student who missed his marks or rank by a whisker and stood second. Shubham Mehta who hails from Kota, the IIT district of Rajasthan, stood second in the IIT-JEE. Incidentally, Shubham is also among the top five students who have been selected to represent India in International Physics Olympiad.

Shubham said,”One should be quite serious and have to do lot of hardwork in order to be successful in the challenging exam of IIT-JEE. I was very much lucky that I got right and proper guidance from my teachers in all the three subjects. My teachers Chaandeep K Singhal (CDS Sir), Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi (SPR Sir) helped me in improving my Chemistry which was supposed to be my weakest subject. Bharat Kumar Matoria (BKM Sir) helped me in dealing with Physics of 11th class specially mechanics. I feel proud that I totally justified the faith my teachers showed in me and I thank them for their proper guidance and help. Chaandeep K Singhal (CDS Sir) especially motivated me in my difficult times and cleared my doubts of organic chemistry throughout the year”. “In IIT-JEE preparation, it is not important how big your institute is but it is really important to get the right set of teachers” he finally said

In December 2010, Bharat Kumar Matoria (BKM), Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi (SPR) and Chaandeep K Singhal (CDS) started their own institute RISE Academy to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. All three Heads of Departments (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) have taught Shubham Mehta and Nishit Lahoti who are among five students selected to represent India in International Physics Olympiad. Both of them have done extraordinarily well in IIT-JEE 2011. While Shubham has secured second rank in IIT-JEE exam 2011. Nishit has got fifth rank.

All the three faculty of Shubham shower lot of praise on him. “Shubham was one of the most sincere and hardworking students that I have encountered. His self belief, confidence and the keen desire to excel differentiated him from other students” says Bharat Kumar Matoria

Shiv Pratap Raghuvanshi says,”Shubham is a very hardworking and dedicated student. This innovative, scientific and logical approach to problem solving and his constant thirst for knowledge has made him achieve the feat of topping the IIT-JEE. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors”.

“Shubham was always the ideal student. His passion and zeal for the subject knowledge were always exemplary and he was always ready to back it with his hardwork and dedication. He is an original thinker and I firmly believe that he will continue to bring laurels for the country and his teachers in every field that he ventures into” feels Chaandeep K Singhal.


First Published: Fri, May 27 2011. 11:36 IST