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  • 26-Mar-2019 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Digitally-enabled India: 2019 can be the year

    The challenge will lie in preparing the new workforce with the skills and work culture they need to participate with the digital natives

  • 07-Mar-2019 | Ganesh Natarajan

    The job crisis and solutions

    It would not be wise to be optimistic about the future without preparing in a real sense for job creation

  • 21-Nov-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Focus or pivot: A growth dilemma

    Stay nimble and nurture the capability to diversify or even transform the business model to capitalise on new opportunities in the marketplace

  • 23-Oct-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    A new race for leadership

    It will need a concerted effort by the government, academia, research institutions, industry associations and industry to make India a force to reckon with in AI-led growth and enable manufacturing

  • 24-Sep-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Social entrepreneurs can ease job woes

    With the right mix of capital, government support and individual fervour, the sky is the limit for social entrepreneurship

  • 23-Aug-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    From start-up to scale-up: It's happening

    There are new innovations emerging in the Indian start-up ecosystem that will find purchase not just in this country but globally

  • 31-Jul-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Digital acceleration: Moving to fifth gear

    Building data lakes and providing the fishing rods needed for users to move from descriptive analytics to machine learning and prescriptive analytics is the most important step a company takes

  • 20-Jul-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    The opportunity for smaller tech firms

    For many such firms, it may be feasible to continue to focus on conventional technologies; for the more ambitious, there is an opportunity to morph into a full-capability digital transformer

  • 04-Jul-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Industry 4.0: Digitising the shop floor

    The rapid advances in Industry 4.0 technologies and the installation of fully integrated cyber-physical systems on the shop floor have enabled smart manufacturing to become a reality

  • 14-Jun-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Data-driven competitive advantage

    Organisations no longer have the luxury of calibrated knowledge management journeys that guide us on the path from data to information to knowledge and wisdom

  • 30-May-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Quarterly results have been excellent; are happy days here again?

    The quarter's results have been excellent, barring one or two temporary aberrations and it is heartening to see growth across all segments - digital and IT services, BPM, products and platforms

  • 13-Apr-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Digital, AI & data security: Guard the forts

    Many forts of our thinking will crumble under the relentless assault of artificial intelligence, deep learning & analytics

  • 15-Mar-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Healthcare platforms for rural India

    For the National Health Protection Scheme to succeed, all stakeholders must work together on a unified platform

  • 02-Mar-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Health care in India needs a digital transformation

    Is there a technology push in the sector that can give us confidence that we will see real change in our country?

  • 07-Feb-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Start-Up India: Can the next wave succeed?

    It would be heartening if we can do an Israel and get a hundred thousand new companies to start with adequate funding and aspire to be million-dollar profitable companies in 2022

  • 23-Jan-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Cognitive logistics - the new frontier

    Automated warehousing, IT-enabled logistics and digitally transformed supply chains hold the key to a manufacturing economy push

  • 07-Jan-2018 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Digital technology to put India back to work

    There is an enormous possibility to deploy AI, bots, augmented reality and virtual reality to take the learner to quick and specific solutions for every learning and information need

  • 19-Dec-2017 | Ganesh Natarajan

    The march of digital velocitors

    Where the onslaught of automation is stealing jobs from traditional high-growth sectors, 'velocitors' or young companies with the ability to break away from the pack will spur entrepreneurship

  • 05-Dec-2017 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Cyber-physical future of manufacturing

    MNCs in India and visionary Indian industrial houses are getting early success from their own implementation of Industry 4.0 practices

  • 21-Nov-2017 | Ganesh Natarajan

    Drilling for data, the next frontier

    If oil was the key resource of nations in a previous era, data is surely the most precious resource this millennium