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  • 06-Apr-2018 | Rajiv Shirali

    'There and Back' review: A history of famous travellers and their sojourns

    Stewart Gordon has made skilful use of his protagonists' memoirs, letters and travelogues

  • 26-Dec-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    The rumblings of resentment

    Book review of 'The Second Anglo-Sikh War 1848-49'

  • 05-Dec-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    The making of Kashmir's tragedy

    Book review of 'Kashmir In Conflict'

  • 15-Nov-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    John Company conquers Punjab

    The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845-46 is a detailed account of the five battles that comprised the war

  • 19-Oct-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    Kashmir's founding tragedy

    In Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris, the author describes Hari Singh's accession dilemma and takes a critical look at how both Pakistani-held Kashmir and Indian J&K have fared in the decades since

  • 09-Oct-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    Another tragic partition

    Book review of 'Durand's Curse: A Line Across The Pathan Heart'

  • 26-May-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    First movers of globalisation: 10 people who made the world smaller

    A thought-provoking even if debatable analysis of the story of globalisation

  • 22-Mar-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    Borderline cases

    Mr Damodaran sets out to write about the sleepy towns and villages on country's periphery

  • 09-Feb-2017 | Rajiv Shirali

    English, the mongrel tongue

    May We Borrow Your Language? examines the linguistic peculiarities of English

  • 18-Oct-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    Anatomy of a turnaround

    The book describes how he achieved one of the most dramatic corporate turnarounds in US history, not only paying back the loan by the end of 2012, but also returning a profit of $22.7 billion

  • 22-Sep-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    The ghosts of Hillary's past

    This account of Hillary Clinton's journey from childhood to First Lady, senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate by James D Boys traces the factors that have helped shape Ms Clinton's career, and assesses her chances of becoming the ...

  • 01-Sep-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    The rise and ruin of 'Mother Merrill'

    Catching Lightning in a Bottle describes how Charles Merrill democratised investing by enabling countless middle-class individuals to save and invest

  • 30-Jul-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    A terrorist's mind map

    An account of David Headley's life, often in his own words, provides a useful study in how radicalised youth cross the boundaries into terrorism

  • 17-May-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    South America's drug-fuelled holocaust

    Gangster Warlords is Mr Grillo's second book, coming five years after El Narco, in which he analysed Mexican drug cartels

  • 17-Mar-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    A multi-cultural walk in the Himalayas

    The 33-year-old Mr Wood, a former British Army paratrooper, is a full-time travel writer who draws inspiration from Kipling's stories, and from T E Lawrence, Francis Younghusband and David Livingstone

  • 25-Feb-2016 | Rajiv Shirali

    Contemporary resonance from ancient Rome

    The Roman polity is controlled by a few political dynasties - as in contemporary India - and the charge of sedition is hurled at those uttering inconvenient truths

  • 24-Oct-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    Book Review: Retracing the Silk Route from 130 BC to 1453 AD

    An Oxford historian captures a fascinating world history from an eastern perspective along the 6,400-km-long Silk Road network that connected eastern China and India to the Mediterranean Sea

  • 21-Jul-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    How Somali piracy became big business

    In March 2009, a Somali pirate named Abduwali Muse and his cohorts boarded the US-flagged Maersk Alabama, a 500-foot container ship headed from Djibouti to Kenya with a cargo of food aid. Captain Richard Phillips sent most of the crew to a secure ...

  • 29-Jun-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    India off the tourist track

    1400 Bananas, 76 Towns & 1 Million People is a record of a journey that Samir Nazareth - after resigning his job in a multinational non-governmental organisation (NGO) involved in protecting the environment - undertakes from Bhuj in Gujarat, ...

  • 15-Apr-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    Money: mind, body and soul

    The author, a former vice-president at JPMorgan in New York, writes in the introduction to Coined that his interest in money was sparked by the financial crash of 2008, which created in him an obsession to understand money. However, as he began ...

  • 21-Mar-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    In the nature of things

    Ruskin Bond's latest book, A Book of Simple Living, as he says in the introduction, is about all the things that have brought him joy and contentment - books, companionship, laughter and a sense of humour, mist in the Himalayan valleys, monsoon rain ...

  • 16-Feb-2015 | Rajiv Shirali

    Digital veena inventor who beefed up IAF's firepower

    The entrepreneurial career of G Raj Narayan, has been guided by his twin passions - aerospace and music

  • 15-Dec-2014 | Rajiv Shirali

    Public procurement policy target a bridge too far?

    The size of India's public procurement market was variously estimated in 2011 and 2012 at Rs 12-15 lakh crore by the Planning Commission, CUTS and the Central Vigilance Commission

  • 25-Nov-2014 | Rajiv Shirali

    Greed is great

    'No matter how [the super-rich] made their money, they have created legacies that are often kinder to them than they deserve'

  • 17-Nov-2014 | Rajiv Shirali

    CII finance portal raises Rs 85 crore for MSMEs

    An online finance facilitation centre set up by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in June to provide advisory and credit facilitation support to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has helped the latter raise Rs 85 crore in the ...