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  • 13-Sep-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Ghazal & friendship

    The decision to include an entire section of Urdu poems translated into English is also, in fact, a political move

  • 06-Sep-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Rambling around Vienna, named the 'world's most liveable city' yet again

    Uttaran Das Gupta recalls a few good reasons why

  • 06-Sep-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Dalits' Harlem moment

    Mr Yengde proceeds to reveal the deep-rooted and intricate nature of casteism prevalent in society through a mixture of personal recollections and erudite academic work

  • 23-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Nostalgia unlimited

    What one encounters in this slim volume is rare for a first book - a mature style, a confident voice, none of the fumbles of a younger poet's first book

  • 10-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Bookish nostalgia

    For booklovers, of course, Old Delhi was a treat, but also for those planning to pick up stationary at a discount

  • 09-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    No news can come

    On Friday, the BBC reported that many Indians were celebrating the decision of the Indian government to abrogate certain provision of Article 370

  • 09-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Frames per Second: Indeed, 'All of Kashmir is a prison, my friends'

    Vishal Bharadwaj's Haider makes an appeal for peace by eschewing a politics of violence and revenge

  • 08-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Recollecting a massacre

    Mr Halder has used the tool of oral narratives, which is becoming more and more popular among journalists and historians, especially for documenting atrocities against the disenfranchised

  • 02-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Author Manu Pillai on finding balance in 'conflicted landscape of history'

    Indian history is as much about asking questions as it is about sanctified thought, he says

  • 02-Aug-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Anatomy of a flood

    Ms Ge seems to have conducted an endless number of interviews and she painstakingly reproduces them in her book. This is a powerful narrative technique

  • 27-Jul-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Conversations about longing

    It is unfashionable these days to imagine the narrative first person as that of the poet

  • 19-Jul-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Small bites of history

    Book review of The Courtesan, the Mahatma & the Italian Brahmin

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Poetry in Parliament

    Does political poetry have any value at all?

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Frames per Second: Becoming Inspector Mike Lobo in a broken system

    Govind Nihalani's 'Ardh Satya' takes an uncompromising look at how the system breaks down a police officer

  • 28-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Learning to be vulnerable

    As in almost all his novels, Mr Ghosh opens up new areas of discussion and debate

  • 14-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Futility of purity

    Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Chupke Chupke ridicules the desire for speaking a pure tongue

  • 07-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    More of Mahapatra

    Discovering Mahapatra is not unlike discovering India's deep soul

  • 07-Jun-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Frames per second: Chowkidars and lynch mobs

    A nearly forgotten Raj Kapoor film shows us what a society can become when it surrenders to vigilante justice

  • 27-Apr-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    A search for meaning

    Those sceptical of the power of poetry might find this a tad fanciful, but what's the purpose of poetry if it can't even introduce a willing suspension of disbelief?

  • 05-Apr-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Prannoy Roy, Dorab Sopariwala explain why 2019 will be most important polls

    If not the internet, how influential are opinion poll or forecasts, like the ones that Roy and Sopariwala do?

  • 29-Mar-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Sex and memory

    The title of the poem, 'Unremember' - it is the first one in the book - alerts the reader about its double anxiety

  • 16-Mar-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Aandhi: The hurricane of an ambitious woman in a world dominated by men

    Were there similarities between Indira Gandhi and Suchitra Sen's character in Gulzar's 1975 movie?

  • 16-Mar-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Dada swag

    The crowds at Eden Gardens are known to be fickle

  • 15-Mar-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    From the stomach of whales

    'The way words are used is a running leitmotif in this collection', says the author

  • 14-Mar-2019 | Uttaran Das Gupta

    Spicy bard

    The influence of Shakespeare on Indian cinema has been so vast and has been written about so much that one would pick up the book under review with some scepticism