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    You can send your career queries to Luis Moniz, well-known career coach for management professionals in India and author of 'Uncornered – Learnings from the corner office'. Please drop your query here. He will respond to your questions every week.

    Note: Mr Moniz will choose the three best or most pertinent questions for his fortnightly column. His selection of questions will be treated as final

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    Hi Luis Moniz, What is your Opinion for Software Industry Job growth for 2017?


    While I am not an expert on the software industry, my personal view is that there are two major factors that are currently impacting software jobs growth. Artificial Intelligence, which is automating many processes and thereby reducing jobs and the geo-economic reality that countries like US and UK have become more insular when it comes to employing non-residents. However, rather than looking at the macro picture, you should look at emerging opportunities as well as likely threats to your own job prospects (based on your own credentials and circumstances) and focus on continuous learning / upgrading your skills. This will let you take advantage of new opportunities and take corrective action as soon as you see the job threat looming.

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    How to pursue a career in investment banking? I have completed BE in mechanical engineering, and also got offer from Brickwork Ratings as an analyst for 9 months? Can rating credentials help me to add up for my investment banking career?


    If your role in the rating agency gives you exposure to financial analysis of companies and/or capital markets, it could be relevant for an investment banking career. I hope that you also aspire to do your MBA or a master’s degree in financial management from one of the better ranked institutes, after a year or two, because you will need these qualifications to be selected by any of the well-known investment banks. Investment banking is a profession that values pedigree and therefore, the institute where you do your post-graduate studies later will impact your chances of being selected by a top-tier investment bank

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    I want to move from my regular 9-5 job and start a consulting and coaching business. I think that is my forte, but i am having a starter's block, primarily due to low capital. By nature, I am a risk-averse person. How do I start is what's bothering me. I am in the automobile domain. Please advise steps that can be taken.


    Consulting and coaching are service-related businesses that don’t require much capital. However, there could be a long gestation period if you don’t focus on your business model properly. Your success is determined by clients who find your services to be valuable and therefore, you need to choose niches where there could be a demand for your expertise. Also, focus on building your business brick-by-brick. Think about who in your network of professional contacts could be your first few clients. Get feedback from these potential clients on their interest to engage you and you can launch your business once you have some good possibilities for your services. That way you are reducing your risk and could also have a shorter gestation period.

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    is any withdraw limit for current/od account from income tax departent