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Aakar Patel

Aakar Patel

Aakar Patel

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  • Run-up to voting day

    22-03-2019 22:30:00

    We have a political party in power that is implementing its ideology and agenda of dividing our nation and our society on the basis of faith

  • Why Balakot should be kept out of elections

    14-03-2019 22:28:00

    If it brings electoral success, it will encourage further adventurism and divert attention from issues of substance

  • Why we vote the way we do

    08-03-2019 21:48:00

    I think of the BJP as being only a sort-of ideological party because its ideology is expressed negatively

  • Pakistan's dangerous blind spot

    01-03-2019 00:27:00

    Its tolerance and encouragement of jihad have harmed it more than a thousand Indian raids could ever have

  • Notes on nationalism

    22-02-2019 22:29:00

    Our leaders, whether those in this government or the ones before, have failed to explain to the nation what our strategic constraints are

  • 'Rowlatt Acts' India gifted itself

    14-02-2019 23:20:00

    Detention without charge or trial is rampant today, but our legislators no longer seem to care about oppression by the state

  • Works of honour

    08-02-2019 22:53:00

    Iqbal's great work is the Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, and it is one of the world's undiscovered classics

  • What not to do in a corporate crisis

    01-02-2019 00:08:00

    Putting out the right information in a crisis is not easy to do. But by being open and direct one can restore some of the lost credibility

  • The price of majoritarianism

    25-01-2019 22:43:00

    What do I mean by the word majoritarian? I mean the attitude that the religious majority is entitled to a certain degree of primacy

  • Decoding Golwalkar's ideas and their fallacy

    18-01-2019 01:08:00

    The 103rd amendment is supposed to put reservations above caste. But Hindutva wants Indians to worship caste

  • Cultures in contrast

    11-01-2019 20:55:00

    Clearly, Japan and South Korea have found something in their own culture and language that makes it easy for them to compete with the rest of the world and to pull their people out of poverty

  • The wheel of change

    04-01-2019 21:23:00

    All the science tells us that we are headed for disaster but because to us climate change is not visible, there is no danger

  • Free media needs leaders willing to answer and reporters who can question

    04-01-2019 00:57:00

    While we have seen leaders who are unwilling to answer questions, we have also seen reporters who are unwilling to ask good questions

  • What each passing year teaches us

    21-12-2018 01:07:00

    We are spectators who have no voice and no power to influence the giant changes being imposed on all of us

  • The man of possibilities

    14-12-2018 21:07:00

    Musk is a real hero and we are fortunate to live in a time when we have someone like him around and also the science that makes what he wants to achieve possible