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Abheek Barua

Abheek Barua

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  • An informed strategy for lockdown exit

    16-04-2020 22:34:00

    The only to way to climb back to obstacle-free growth would be more and randomised testing. The government needs to make a much larger financial allocation towards that

  • Economic Survey 2020: A decade-old slowdown reversing?

    31-01-2020 20:57:00

    Investments suffered as companies were keen on repaying debt rather than taking fresh loans to add to capacity

  • A much-needed blueprint

    05-07-2019 01:39:00

    The Economic Survey posits a clear development model to put India on a high-growth path

  • India's China syndrome

    26-06-2019 00:36:00

    Instead of the average growth of 7 per cent that the official data shows in the period between 2011-12 and 2016-17, Arvind Subramanian's estimate is a meagre 4.5 per cent

  • What constitutes a good UBI?

    26-05-2019 22:04:00

    The lack of "universality" becomes the biggest problem in any Universal Basic Income scheme since it raises the challenges of effective targeting

  • The emerging factor in Indian markets

    08-03-2019 01:09:00

    Besides macro-balances - current account and the fiscal gaps - of a number of EMs have shown remarkable improvement since the taper tantrum of 2013

  • How much more can the RBI intervene?

    27-09-2018 20:31:00

    The fact that we are much better protected today might just explain the RBI's reluctance to bring in a biggish chunk of dollars from NRIs either through bonds or dollar deposits as it did in 2013

  • US protection and India: A global trade war cannot be good for anyone

    19-03-2018 05:57:00

    India will not remain unscathed if things begin to hot up and there is retaliation against the US duties from China and the European Union

  • Questions for 2018

    20-12-2017 22:43:00

    The NDA govt has taken enough bold economic moves and should not hesitate to articulate its future vision

  • 2018: Gazing into the crystal ball

    17-12-2017 22:38:00

    Political risk culminating from elections in the US and Latin America, and evolving right-wing populism in Europe could lead to substantial volatility

  • What are the bond markets telling us?

    03-12-2017 22:40:00

    It is likely that the market is anxious about a widening fiscal gap adding to extant inflation pressures bred by both domestic and global factors

  • How much should we worry about oil prices?

    22-11-2017 22:43:00

    Indian policymakers need to watch the sector carefully but maybe there's no reason to get into a deep funk

  • Will the new US tax code spur growth?

    05-11-2017 22:40:00

    While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill is most likely to be passed in the US, it might end up expanding the deficit

  • Are emerging markets losing their mojo?

    08-10-2017 22:40:00

    If the dollar bottoms out and the ECB, BoE bring in tighter monetary policies, emerging markets could head south

  • In praise of countercyclical policy

    27-09-2017 22:43:00

    If it's smartly done and addresses the related problems of growth and employment, it can reap quick rewards